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JurnalAdolescence vol. 26 no. 101 (1991)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0001-8449    Year:: 1991    Edisi: Spring 1991    
Penerbit: American Library Association
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The False Consensus Bias as Applied to Psychological Disturbed Adolescents, halaman 1-6
  2. Community Health Nurses' Knowledge of Attitudes Toward, and Involvement with Adolescent Contraceptive Services, halaman 7-12
  3. Characteristics of Continuation High School Students, halaman 13-18
  4. Gender Identity Conflicts in Adolescents as Motivation for Suicide, halaman 19-30
  5. Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Psychological Adjustment in Adolescents with Diabetes, halaman 31-40
  6. Reliability and Validity of Retrospective Self - Reports of The Age of Pubertal Onset Using Twin, Sibling, and College Student Data, halaman 41-54
  7. Social Correlates of Youth Suicide Rates in The United States, halaman 55-58
  8. Sexual and Moral Development of Israeli Female Adolescents from City and Kibbutz : Perspective of Kohlberg and Giligan, halaman 59-72
  9. Increasing Adolescent Mothers' Knowledge of Child Development : An Intervention Program, halaman 73-82
  10. The Parent Connection, halaman 83-88
  11. The Reliability of The Family - of - Origin Scale for Adolescents, halaman 89-96
  12. Perceived Trauma : Its Etiology and Treatment, halaman 97-104
  13. Ratings of Self and Parents by Youth : Are They Affected by Family Status, Gender, and Birth Order ?, halaman 105-112
  14. Adolescent Suicidal Behavior and Popular Self - Report Instruments of Depression, Social Desirability, and Anxiety, halaman 113-120
  15. Movies and Juvenile Delinquency : An Overview, halaman 121-132
  16. The Middle Schooling Process : Influences on Science and Mathematics Achievement from The Longitudinal Study of American Youth, halaman 133-158
  17. Sex and Age Differences in Adolescents' Value Judgements of Historically Important Events : Theory, Stereotypes and Data, halaman 159-182
  18. Assessing Differences in Chemically Dependent Adolescent Males Using The Child Behavior Checklist, halaman 183-194
  19. Imaginary Audience Behavior in Older Adolescent Females, halaman 195-200
  20. Using Books to Prevent and Treat Adolescent Chemical Dependency, halaman 201-208
  21. Suicide Attempts and Ideation : Adolescents Evaluated on A Pediatric Ward, halaman 209-216
  22. A Critique of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Research : The Invisible White Male, halaman 217-222
  23. Counseling The Hispanic Male Adolescents, halaman 223-232
  24. Social Skills Training for Young Adolescents, halaman 233-241

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