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ArtikelRatings of Self and Parents by Youth : Are They Affected by Family Status, Gender, and Birth Order ?  
Oleh: Parish, Thomas S.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Adolescence vol. 26 no. 101 (1991), page 105-112.
Topik: GENDER; youth; family status; gender; birth order
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Isi artikelIn the present study, 648 youths from across the state of kansas voluntarily evaluated themselves and their parents using the personal attribute inventory for children. Self - concept was found to be significantly higher for those from intact families in comparison with those from divorced remarried families. Evaluations of mothers were significantly higher for those from intact and divorced non remarried families as compared with those from divorced remarried families. The ratings of fathers by youths from intact familiers were signfiicantly more favorable than the ratings by those form either divorced non remarried or divorced remarried families. Interestingly, gender by family status two - way interaction effects were also found for self - concept and ratings of fathers. Possible explanations for these findings, and their implications, are discussed.
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