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ArtikelThe False Consensus Bias as Applied to Psychological Disturbed Adolescents  
Oleh: Goggin, William C. ; Range, Lillian M. ; Cantrell, Peggy J.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Adolescence vol. 26 no. 101 (1991), page 1-6.
Topik: consensus; consensus bias; psychologically; adolescents
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Isi artikelIn order to examine whether the false consensus bias applied to pscyhologically disturbed adolescents, outpatients at a rural mental health center who described themselves as a very depressed or suicidal, and non disturbed teenagers (who had no history of psychological treatment and were not at the time seeking psychological treatment), were asked to read a news paper article about adults in previous research, viewed the suicidal child and the surviving family. Further, consistent with the false consensus hypothesis, adolescent clients viewed either child as more psychologically disturbed than did non clients. Also, clients, as a false consensus bais which operates for depressed, suicidal are making recommendations about psyhcological help for the surviving family. Results are interpreted as suggesting that adolescent outpatients either view therapy as not particularly beneficial or as not particularly appropriate for bereaved individuals.
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