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ArtikelImaginary Audience Behavior in Older Adolescent Females  
Oleh: Roscoe, Bruce ; Peterson, Karen L.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Adolescence vol. 26 no. 101 (1991), page 195-200.
Topik: ADOLESCENTS; audience; behaviour; adolescent females
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Isi artikelThe purpose of this study was to explore the extent of imaginary audience behaviour in older adolescent females to ascertain if such behaviour continues beyond the years of early and middle adolescence. Subjects were 112 freshman females enrolled in a mid western university during their first semester. Results indicated that that college freshmen displayed a greater degree of imaginary audience behaviour than did younger adolescents when compared to scores reported by Elkind and Bowen (1979). Findings support the view that alter adolescents' entry inot new social enviornments results in greater protection of the self, a return to previous behaviours, and an increase in egocentrism as evidenced in less willingness to reveal oneself to an audience.
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