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JurnalFertility and Sterility (keterangan: ada di ClinicalKey) vol. 95 no. 04 (Mar. 2011)
Topik: Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility; Society of Reproductive Surgeons; Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology; Society for Male Reproduction and Urology; and the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society.
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0015-0282    Year:: 2011    Bulan: 03    Edisi: Mar 2011    
Penerbit: American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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  1. Pathogenesis, developmental consequences, and clinical correlations of human embryo fragmentation, halaman 1197-1204
  2. Improving posttransplantation survival of human ovarian tissue by treating the host and graft, halaman 1205-1210
  3. Modulation of the noradrenergic activity index by neural stimulus, and its participation in ovarian androstenedione release during the luteal phase, halaman 1211-1216
  4. Ovarian stimulation, in vitro fertilization, and effects of culture conditions on baboon preimplantation embryo development, halaman 1217-1223
  5. Postoperative inflammation in the abdominal cavity increases adhesion formation in a laparoscopic mouse model, halaman 1224-1228
  6. Cryopreservation of prepubertal mouse testicular tissue by vitrification, halaman 1229-1234
  7. Primate model of metaphase I oocyte in vitro maturation and the effects of a novel glutathione donor on maturation, fertilization, and blastocyst development, halaman 1235-1240
  8. Immunohistochemical localization of growth factors after cryopreservation and 3 weeks' xenotransplantation of human ovarian tissue, halaman 1241-1246
  9. Testosterone dependent androgen receptor stabilization and activation of cell proliferation in primary human myometrial microvascular endothelial cells, halaman 1247-1255
  10. Maturation and fertilization of nonhuman primate oocytes are compromised by oral administration of a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, halaman 1256-1260
  11. Urinary peptide profiling identifies a panel of putative biomarkers for diagnosing and staging endometriosis, halaman 1261-1266
  12. Neurotrophin 4 enhances in vitro follicular assembly in human fetal ovaries, halaman 1267-1271
  13. Heparin inhibits interferon-y signaling in human endometrial stromal cells by interference with the cellular binding of interferon-y, halaman 1272-1277
  14. Decidualized endometrial stromal cell derived factors promote trophoblast invasion, halaman 1278-1283
  15. Distinct expression of the soluble and the membrane-bound forms of interleukin-1 receptor accessory protein in the endometrium of women with endometriosis, halaman 1284-1290
  16. Differential pH in embryo culture, halaman 1291-1294
  17. Development and prevention of postsurgical adhesions in a chimeric mouse model of experimental endometriosis, halaman 1295-1301
  18. Human chorionic gonadotropin confers resistance to oxidative stress–induced apoptosis in decidualizing human endometrial stromal cells, halaman 1302-1307
  19. Comparative study of human eutopic and ectopic endometrial mesenchymal stem cells and the development of an in vivo endometriotic invasion model, halaman 1308-1315
  20. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound reveals real-time spatial changes in vascular perfusion during early implantation in the macaque uterus, halaman 1316-1321
  21. Anti-implantation effect of 2-[piperidinoethoxyphenyl]-3-[4-hydroxyphenyl]-2H-benzo(b)pyran, a potent antiestrogenic agent in rats, halaman 1322-1327
  22. A prospective, randomized, experimental study to investigate the peritoneal adhesion formation of noncontact argon plasma coagulation in a rat model, halaman 1328-1332
  23. Investigation of the possibility of using ischemia-modified albumin in testicular torsion: an experimental study, halaman 1333-1337
  24. Evaluation of endometrial biomarkers for semi-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis, halaman 1338-1343
  25. In vitro maturation (IVM) of murine and human germinal vesicle (GV)–stage oocytes by coculture with immortalized human fallopian tube epithelial cells, halaman 1344-1348
  26. Paternal diet-induced obesity impairs embryo development and implantation in the mouse, halaman 1349-1353
  27. Randomized comparison of different ovarian stimulation regimens for assisted reproductive technology in baboons (Papio anubis), halaman 1354-1359
  28. Protective effects of montelukast on ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat ovaries subjected to torsion and detorsion: biochemical and histopathologic evaluation, halaman 1360-1366
  29. Blastocyst gene expression correlates with implantation potential, halaman 1367-1372
  30. A disintegrin and metalloprotease protein-12 as a novel marker for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, halaman 1373-1378
  31. Effects of melatonin on histomorphology and on the expression of steroid receptors, VEGF, and PCNA in ovaries of pinealectomized female rats, halaman 1379-1384
  32. The nucleolar channel system reliably marks the midluteal endometrium regardless of fertility status: a fresh look at an old organelle, halaman 1385-1389
  33. Retrovirus-mediated multidrug resistance gene (MDR1) overexpression inhibits chemotherapy-induced toxicity of granulosa cells, halaman 1390-1396
  34. Effects of gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone on folliculogenesis and steroidogenesis of cyclic mice, halaman 1397-1404
  35. Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in conjunction with vascular endothelial growth factor maintains primordial follicle numbers in transplanted mouse ovaries, halaman 1405-1409
  36. Gene expression analysis of a new source of human oocytes and embryos for research and human embryonic stem cell derivation, halaman 1410-1415
  37. Biological evaluation of a novel copper-containing composite for contraception, halaman 1416-1420
  38. Deoxyribonucleic acid methyltransferases and methyl-CpG-binding domain proteins in human endometrium and endometriosis, halaman 1421-1427
  39. dvanced follicle development in xenografted prepubertal ovarian tissue: the common marmoset as a nonhuman primate model for ovarian tissue transplantation, halaman 1428-1434
  40. Effect of embryo density and microdrop volume on the blastocyst development of mouse two-cell embryos, halaman 1435-1439
  41. In vivo delivery of FTY720 prevents radiation-induced ovarian failure and infertility in adult female nonhuman primates, halaman 1440-1445
  42. Difucosylated oligosaccharide Lewis Y is contained within integrin avß3 on RL95-2 cells and required for endometrial receptivity, halaman 1446-1451
  43. Comet assay on mouse oocytes: an improved technique to evaluate genotoxic risk on female germ cells, halaman 1452-1457
  44. Influence of embryo transfer on blastocyst viability, halaman 1458-1461
  45. Vitrification of mouse embryos with super-cooled air, halaman 1462-1466
  46. Effect of bilateral oophorectomy on wound healing of the rabbit vagina, halaman 1467-1470
  47. Lipopolysaccharide induces alterations in ovaries and serum level of progesterone and 17ß-estradiol in the mouse, halaman 1471-1474
  48. Hsp90b1 knockout targeted to male germline: a mouse model for globozoospermia, halaman 1475-1477
  49. Fat tissue morphology of long-term sex steroid deficiency and estrogen treatment in female rats, halaman 1478-1481
  50. Induction of apoptotic cell death via accumulation of autophagosomes in rat granulosa cells, halaman 1482-1486
  51. Derivation of developmentally competent oocytes by in vitro culture of preantral follicles retrieved from aged mice, halaman 1487-1489
  52. Leptin role in the rat prostate ventral lobe, halaman 1490-1493
  53. Oral nimodipine inhibits the ovarian cycle in mice, halaman 1494-1496
  54. Corticotropin-releasing hormone inhibits in vitro oocyte maturation in mice, halaman 1497-1499
  55. Influence of microwave exposure on fertility of male rats, halaman 1500-1502
  56. Effect of gonadotropins on dynamic events and global deoxyribonucleic acid methylation during in vitro maturation of oocytes: an animal model, halaman 1503-1506
  57. Effects of metformin on the reproductive system of androgenized female rats, halaman 1507-1509
  58. Activation of adenosine A2A receptors by polydeoxyribonucleotide increases vascular endothelial growth factor and protects against testicular damage induced by experimental varicocele in rats, halaman 1510-1513
  59. Aquaporin 7 expression in postimplantation mouse uteri: a potential role for glycerol transport in uterine decidualization, halaman 1514-1517
  60. Apigenin inhibits tumor necrosis factor a–induced cell proliferation and prostaglandin E2 synthesis by inactivating NF?B in endometriotic stromal cells, halaman 1518-1521
  61. Expression and regulation of DNA methyltransferases in human endometrium, halaman 1522-1525
  62. Protective effect of calcium folinate against methotrexate-induced endosalpinx damage in rats, halaman 1526-1530
  63. Age-related changes in the localization of DNA methyltransferases during meiotic maturation in mouse oocytes, halaman 1531-1534

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