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JurnalJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering vol. 126 no. 4 (Nov. 2004)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1087-1357    Year:: 2004    Bulan: 11    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Microforming : Experimental Investigation of The Extrusion Process for Micropins and Its Numerical Simulation Using RKEM, halaman 642-652
  2. Burr-Free Microblanking Using Piezoelectric Actuator Isamu, halaman 653-658
  3. Development of Ultrafine Piercing, halaman 659-665
  4. The Mechanics of Machining at The Microscale : Assessment of The Current State of The Science, halaman 666-678
  5. An Explanation for The Size-Effect in Machining Using Strain Gradient Plasticity, halaman 679-684
  6. On The Modeling and Analysis of Machining Performance in Micro-Endmilling, Part I : Surface Generation, halaman 685-694
  7. On The Modeling and Analysis of Machining Performance in Micro-Endmilling, Part II : Cutting Force Prediction, halaman 695-705
  8. Mechanistic Cutting Process Calibration via Microstructure-Level Finite Element Simulation Model, halaman 706-709
  9. A Static Model of Chip Formation in Microscale Milling, halaman 710-718
  10. The Drilling Vibration Behavior of A Twisted Microdrill, halaman 719-726
  11. Study of 3D Micro-Ultrasonic Machining, halaman 727-732
  12. Scaling Issues in Miniaturization of Injection Molded Parts, halaman 733-739
  13. Systematical Characterization of Material Response to Microscale Laser Shock Peening, halaman 740-749
  14. Modeling of Advanced Melting Zone for Manufacturing of Optical Fibers, halaman 750-759
  15. Nanosurface Fabrication of Hard Brittle Materials by Structured Tool Imprinting, halaman 760-765
  16. Development of An Assembly-Free Process Based on Virtual Environment for Fabricating 3D Microfluidic Systems Using Microstereoulithography Technology, halaman 766-771
  17. Surface Finishing and Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Silicon Microchannel Using Magnetorheological Fluid, halaman 772-778
  18. Ceramic Micro/Nanoparticle Size Evolution in Wet Grinding in Stirred Ball Mill, halaman 779-786
  19. Deposition Technologies For Micromanufacturing : A Review, halaman 787-795
  20. A Simulation-Based Correlation of Cross-Sectional Area of The Thin Film Produced by Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition With A Moving Laser Beam, halaman 796-800
  21. Mechanical Approach to Nanomachining of Silicon Using Oxide Characteristics Based on Tribo Nanolithography (TNL) in KOH Solution, halaman 801-806
  22. Scanning Grating Microinterferometer for MEMS Metrology, halaman 807-812
  23. Three Dimensional Imaging of LIGA-Made Microcomponents, halaman 813-821
  24. Effects of Spherical Targets on Capacitive Displacement Measurements, halaman 822-829
  25. Novel Sensor Fabrication Using Direct-Write Thermal Spray and Precision Laser Micromachining, halaman 830-836
  26. Microfactory-Concept, History, and Developments, halaman 837-884
  27. Effect of Fixture Compliance on Thermally Enhanced Edge Registration in Microlamination, halaman 845-848
  28. The Influence of Material Models on Finite Element Simulation of Machining, halaman 849-857

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