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JurnalHuman Reproduction vol. 24 no. 01 (Jan. 2009)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0268-1161    Year:: 2009    Bulan: 01    Edisi: Jan 2009    
Penerbit: Oxford University Press
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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    • Nomor Panggil: H07.K.2009.01
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Enhancement of sperm–zona pellucida (ZP) binding capacity by activation of protein kinase A and C pathways in certain infertile men with defective sperm–ZP binding, halaman 20
  2. Dual use of Diff-Quik-like stains for the simultaneous evaluation of human sperm morphology and chromatin status, halaman 28
  3. Fertility preservation in adolescent males: experience over 22 years at Rouen University Hospital, halaman 37
  4. Uterine natural killer cells and angiogenesis in recurrent reproductive failure, halaman 45
  5. The effect of a ‘vanishing twin’ on biochemical and ultrasound first trimester screening markers for Down's syndrome in pregnancies conceived by assisted reproductive technology, halaman 55
  6. Markers that define stemness in ESC are unable to identify the totipotent cells in human preimplantation embryos, halaman 63
  7. A reduced oxygen tension (5%) is not beneficial for maintaining human embryonic stem cells in the undifferentiated state with short splitting intervals, halaman 71
  8. DNA damage and metabolic activity in the preimplantation embryo, halaman 81
  9. Survival of human pre-antral follicles after cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, follicular isolation and in vitro culture in a calcium alginate matrix, halaman 92
  10. Zygosity and chorionicity in triplet pregnancies: new data, halaman 100
  11. Comparison of vaginal and sublingual misoprostol for second trimester abortion: randomized controlled equivalence trial, halaman 106
  12. Differential elevation of matrix metalloproteinase expression in women exposed to levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system for a short or prolonged period of time, halaman 113
  13. Modelling the impact of single embryo transfer in a national health service IVF programme, halaman 122
  14. Ovarian epithelial dysplasia after ovulation induction: time and dose effects, halaman 132
  15. British women's attitudes to surrogacy, halaman 139
  16. Presence of depressive symptoms during early pregnancy and the risk of preterm delivery: a prospective cohort study, halaman 146
  17. Engraftment potential of human placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells after in utero transplantation in rats, halaman 154
  18. A potential tolerogenic immune mechanism in a trophoblast cell line through the activation of chemokine-induced T cell death and regulatory T cell modulation, halaman 166
  19. EGF-like growth factors as LH mediators in the human corpus luteum, halaman 176
  20. Decidual vascularization and the expression of angiogenic growth factors and proteases in first trimester spontaneous abortions, halaman 185
  21. Identification of new biomarkers of human endometrial receptivity in the natural cycle, halaman 198
  22. Does controlled ovarian stimulation prior to chemotherapy increase primordial follicle loss and diminish ovarian reserve? An animal study, halaman 206
  23. Hemoglobin and its derived peptides may play a role in the antibacterial mechanism of the vagina, halaman 211
  24. Randomized controlled trial comparing laparoscopic ovarian diathermy with clomiphene citrate as a first-line method of ovulation induction in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, halaman 219
  25. Waiting time to pregnancy according to maternal birthweight and prepregnancy BMI, halaman 226
  26. Constitutional DNA copy number changes in ICSI children, halaman 233
  27. Variants in the ACVR1 gene are associated with AMH levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, halaman 241

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