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JurnalJournal of Fluids Engineering vol. 124 no. 2 (2002)
Bahasa: (EN )    Year:: 2002    
Penerbit: ASME International
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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    • Nomor Panggil: JJ89.3
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Use of Surface Flow Visualization Methods in Centrifugal Pump Design, halaman 314-318
  2. Hydrodynamic Design of Pump Diffuser Using Inverse Design Method and CFD, halaman 319-328
  3. Hydrodynamic Design System for Pumps Based on 3-D CAD, CFD, and Inverse Design Method, halaman 329-335
  4. Hydraulic Axial Thrust in Multistage Pumps-Origins and Solutions, halaman 336-341
  5. Theoretical Analysis of Fluid Forces on An Open-Type Centrifugal Impeller in Whirling Motion, halaman 342-347
  6. Numerical Simulation of The Dynamic Effects Due to Impeller-Volute Interaction in A Centrifugal Pump, halaman 348-355
  7. Rotating Cavitation in A Centrifugal Pump Impeller of Low Specific Speed, halaman 356-362
  8. Numerical Study of Rotating Stall in A Pump Vaned Diffuser, halaman 363-370
  9. Numerical Turbulent Simulation of The Two-Phase Flow (Liquid/Gas) Through A Cascade of An Axial Pump, halaman 371-376
  10. Performance Analysis of Cavitating Flow in Centrifugal Pumps Using Multiphase CFD, halaman 377-383
  11. MEMS-Micropumps : A Review, halaman 384-392
  12. Numerical Modeling of Wind Turbine Wakes, halaman 393-399
  13. Vortex Dynamics of The Stator Wake-Rotor Cascade Interaction, halaman 400-412
  14. Detached-Eddy Simulations Over A Simplified Landing Gear, halaman 413-423
  15. RANS Model for Spilling Breaking Waves, halaman 424-432
  16. Reduced Order Nonlinear Navier-Stokes Models for Synthetic Jets, halaman 433-443
  17. Bifurcations of Flow Through Plane Symmetric Channel Contraction, halaman 444-451
  18. The Effect of Uniform Blowing on The Flow Past A Circular Cylinder, halaman 452-464
  19. Two-Phase Euterian/Lagrangian Model for Nucleating Steam Flow, halaman 465-475
  20. Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Analysis of Rarefield Gas Flow Structures and Ventilation of Etching Gas in Magneto-Microwave Plasma Etching Reactors, halaman 476-482
  21. Shock Wave Propagation Into A Dust-Gas Suspension Inside A Double-Bend Conduit, halaman 483-491
  22. The Relationship Between Frictional Resistance and Roughness for Surfaces Smoothed By Sanding, halaman 492-499
  23. The Distortion of A Jet By Coil Inserts, halaman 500-504
  24. Axial and Secondary Flow Study in A 90 Deg Bifurcation Under Pulsating Conditions Using PIV, halaman 505-511
  25. Concentration Measurements in A Pressurized and Heated Gas Mixture Flow Using Laser Induced Fluorescence, halaman 512-522
  26. A Comparison of Data-Reduction Methods for A Seven-Hole Probe, halaman 523-527
  27. Predicting Mixing Volumes in Serial Transport Pipelines, halaman 528-534
  28. Oscillatory Flow in A Physical Model of A Thin Slab Casting Mould With A Bifurcated Submerged Entry Nozzle, halaman 535-543
  29. A Rational Method to Choose Optimum Design for Two-Dimensional Contractions, halaman 544-545
  30. Dimensionless Characteristics of Pumps With Specific Speed n(q)=20....80, halaman 546-549
  31. A Deterministic Stress Model for Rotor-Stator Interactions in Simulations of Average-Passage Flow, halaman 550-553
  32. Experimental Investigations of Performance of A Commercial Centrifugal Oil Pump, halaman 554-557

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