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ArtikelDetached-Eddy Simulations Over A Simplified Landing Gear  
Oleh: Travin, A. K. ; Hedges, L. S. ; Spalart, P. R.
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Fluids Engineering vol. 124 no. 2 (2002), page 413-423.
Topik: simulation; detached - eddy simulations; landing gear
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Isi artikelThe flow around a generic airliner landing - gear truck is calculated using the methods of Detached - Eddy Simulation, and of Unsteady Reynolds - Averaged Navier - Stokes Equations, with the Spalart - Allmaras one - equation model. The two simulations have identical numerics, using a multi - block structured grid with about 2.5 million points. The Reynolds number is 6 × 10(5). Comparison to the experiment of Lazos shows that the simulations predict the pressure on the wheels accurately for such a massively separated flow with strong interference. DES performs somewhat better than URANS. Drag and lift are not predicted as well. The time - averaged and instantaneous flow fields are studied, particularly to determine their suitability for the physics - based prediction of noise. The two time - averaged flow fields are similar, though the DES shows more turbulence intensity overall. The instantaneous flow fields are very dissimilar. DES develops a much wider range of unsteady scales of motion and appears promising for noise prediction, up to some frequency limit.
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