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ArtikelConcentration Measurements in A Pressurized and Heated Gas Mixture Flow Using Laser Induced Fluorescence  
Oleh: Guibert, Philippe ; Perrard, William ; Morin, Celine
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Fluids Engineering vol. 124 no. 2 (2002), page 512-522.
Topik: Finite mixture models; concentration; measurements; pressurized; heated; gas mixture; flow; laser; fluorescence
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Isi artikelThe fuel concentration in a pressurized and heated gas mixture flow was measured by LIF (laser induced fluorescence) technique. Diacetyl was used as the fluorescence tracer of fuel and was excited at a wavelength of 355 nm. Influent parameters on the LIF intensity among the equivalence ratio, the environment temperature and pressure, the flow velocity were determined from a parametric study. The technique of plans of experiments with statistical tests and analysis was investigated to determine exactly the preponderant parameters and their influence on the LIF intensity. For the experimental conditions explored in this work, the value of the LIF intensity was calculated by developing a quadratic model. By inversion of the transfer function, the equivalence ratio was deduced with a low mean relative error.
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