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JurnalJournal of Family Issues vol. 28 no. 3 (Mar. 2007)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0192513X    Year:: 2007    Bulan: 03    Edisi: Soft Copy    
Penerbit: Sage Publications
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Cultural Variations in Parental Health Beliefs, Knowledge, and Information Sources Related to Attention - Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, halaman 291-318
  2. The Family Structure Trajectory and Adolescent School Performance : Differential Effects By Race and Ethnicity, halaman 319-354
  3. Family Dynamics in Three-Generation Grandfamilies, halaman 355-379
  4. Potentially Stressful Life Events and Emotional Closeness Between Grandparents and Adult Grandchildren, halaman 380-398
  5. Gender and the Division of Household Labor in Older Couples: A European Perspective, halaman 399-421
  6. Influences of Women's Employment on the Gendered Division of Household Labor Over the Life Course: Evidence From a 31-Year Panel Study, halaman 422-444

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