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ArtikelPotentially Stressful Life Events and Emotional Closeness Between Grandparents and Adult Grandchildren  
Oleh: Wood, Suzanne ; Liossis, Poppy
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Family Issues vol. 28 no. 3 (Mar. 2007), page 380-398.
Topik: intergenerational solidarity; stressful life events; emotional closeness
Fulltext: 380.pdf (115.03KB)
Isi artikelThe purpose of this study is to explore the variation in emotional closeness in the adult grandchild and grandparent relationship in relation to the occurrence of potentially stressful life events in childhood. A sample of university students (N = 119) completed a questionnaire measuring elements of intergenerational solidarity. Comparisons were made on emotional closeness between groups that had and had not experienced a life event, revealing it was the grandparent’s enactment of normative solidarity, as perceived by the adult grandchild, that produced greater emotional closeness. Complementing the findings of Bengston and Roberts, this research supports the theoretical view that high levels of normative solidarity lead to greater affectual solidarity, which in turn produces higher associational solidarity.
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