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JurnalJournal of Heat Transfer vol. 122 no. 1 (Feb. 2000)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0022-1481    Year:: 2000    Bulan: 2    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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  1. A Photothermal Technique for The Determination of The Thermal Conductance of Interfaces and Cracks, halaman 10-14
  2. Approximate Two-Color Emission Pryrometry, halaman 15-20
  3. Estimation of Local Thermophysical Properties of One-Dimensional Periodic Heterogeneous Medium by Infrared Image Processing and Volume Averaging Method, halaman 21-26
  4. Simultaneous Measurement of The Orthogonal Components of Thermal Diffusivity in PVC Sheet, halaman 27-32
  5. Nonlinear Transient Heat Conduction Using Similarity Groups, halaman 33-39
  6. A Monte Carlo Solution of Heat Conduction and Poisson Equations, halaman 40-45
  7. On The Enhancement of The Thermal Contact Conductance : Effect of Loading History, halaman 46-49
  8. Experimental Analysis of Thermal Instability in Natural Convection Between Horizontal Parallel Plates Uniformly Heated, halaman 50-57
  9. Stabilization of Bouyancy-Driven Unstable Vortex Flow in Mixed Convection of Air in A Rectangular Duct by Tapering Its Top Plate, halaman 58-65
  10. Experimental Analysis of The Heat Transfer Induced by Thermocapillary Convection Around A Bubble, halaman 66-73
  11. Critical Heat Flux During Natural Circulation Bolling of Saturated Liquid in Annulus With Uniformly Heated Outer Tube, halaman 74-79
  12. Condensation of Refrigerants in Horizontal, Spirally Grooved Microfin Tubes : Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer in The Annular Flow Regime, halaman 80-91
  13. Flammability Measurements of Difluoromethane, halaman 92-98
  14. Modeling of Conjugate Two-Phase Heat Transfer During Depressurization of Pipelines, halaman 99-106
  15. Melting and Surface Deformation in Pulsed Laser Surface Micromodification of Ni-P Disks, halaman 107-112
  16. Two-Dimensional Transient Analysis of Absorbing Thin Films in Laser Treatments, halaman 113-117
  17. The Onset of Flow Instability in Uniformly Heated Horizontal Microchannels, halaman 118-125
  18. Analysis of In-Flight Oxidation During Reactive Spray Atomization and Deposition Processing of Aluminum, halaman 126-133
  19. Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Internal Helical-Rib Roughness, halaman 134-142
  20. Laminar Flow Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Power-Law Fluids Inside Tubes With Varying Width Twisted Tape Inserts, halaman 143-149
  21. Three-Dimensional Sintering of Two-Component Metal Powders With Stationary and Moving Laser Beams, halaman 150-158
  22. A Model of Dopant Transport During Bridgman Crystal Growth With Magnetically Damped Buoyant Convection, halaman 159-164
  23. Rayleigh Light Scattering Measurements of Transient Gas Temperature in A Rapid Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor, halaman 165-170
  24. Determination of The Effective Thermal Conductivity Tensor of Heterogeneous Media Using A Self-Consistent Finite Element Method : Aplication to The Pseudo-Percolation Thresholds of Mixtures Containing Nonspherical Inclusions, halaman 171-175
  25. An Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection in A Cubic Inclined Enclosure With Multiple Isolated Plates, halaman 176-178
  26. Buoyancy-Driven Flow Reversal Phenomena in Radially Rotating Serpentine Ducts, halaman 179-182
  27. Analysis of The Two-Flux Model for Predicting Water Spray Transmittance in Fire Protection Application, halaman 183-185
  28. Average Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer Coefficients of The Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixture R22/R142b in A Coaxial Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger, halaman 186-187
  29. Effect of Tube Inclination on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer, halaman 188-191
  30. Effects of Vapor Superheat and Condensate Subcooling on Laminar Film Condensation, halaman 192-195
  31. Predicting The Influence of Compressibillity and Thermal and Flow Distribution Asymmetry on The Frequency-Response Characteristics of Multitube Two-Phase Condensing Flow Systems, halaman 196-199
  32. An Experimental Study of Electrohydrodynamic Induction Pumping of A Stratified Liquid/Vapor Medium, halaman 200-203
  33. An Analytical Model for Decaying Swirl Flow and Heat Transfer Inside A Tube, halaman 204-207
  34. Heat (Mass) Transfer in A Diagonally Oriented Rotating Two-Pass Channel With Rib-Roughened Walls, halaman 208-211

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