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ArtikelA Model of Dopant Transport During Bridgman Crystal Growth With Magnetically Damped Buoyant Convection  
Oleh: Ma, N. ; Walker, J. S.
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Heat Transfer vol. 122 no. 1 (Feb. 2000), page 159-164.
Topik: convection; dopant transport; bridgman crystal growth; magnetically damped bouyant; convection
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Isi artikelThis paper presents a model for the unsteady transport of a dopant during the vertical Bridgman crystal growth process with a planar crystal - melt interface and with an externally applied axial magnetic field. This dilute mass transport depends on the convective and diffusive mass transport of the dopant. The convective mass transport is driven by buoyant convection in the melt, which produces nonuniformities in the concentration in both the melt and the crystal. This convective transport is significant even for a strong magnetic field Bo = 2 T. However, the electromagnetic damping of the melt motion produces a local region adjacent to the crystal-melt interface which is dominated by diffusion. Thus, this melt solidifies with a relatively radially uniform concentration, so that the radial distribution of dopants in the crystal is also relatively radially uniform. The transient model predicts the dopant distribution in the entire crystal.
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