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ArtikelSatiety-relevant sensory qualities enhance the satiating effects of mixed carbohydrate-protein preloads  
Oleh: Yeomans, Martin R. ; Chambers, Lucy
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition vol. 94 no. 06 (Dec. 2011), page 1410-1417 .
Topik: OBESITY; Eating Disorders
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Isi artikelBackground: Orosensory cues such as food texture and flavor have been shown to play a role in satiation, but their role in satiety remains less clear. Objective: The objective was to determine whether satiety-relevant orosensory cues enhance the satiating effects of energy in the context of beverage preloads. Design: The effects of 6 drink preloads that combined 2 amounts of energy [high energy (HE): 279 kcal; low energy (LE): 78 kcal] and 3 satiety-relevant sensory contexts [low sensory (LS), medium sensory (MS), and high sensory (HS)] on subsequent appetite and test meal intake were assessed in 36 healthy nonobese volunteers. Results: The ability of the preloads to modify appetite 30 min after consumption depended on both energy content and sensory context (P-interaction < 0.05), with hunger significantly being lower after consumption of the HE than after the LE preload in the HS context (P < 0.001), tending to be lower in the MS context (P = 0.08), but not different in the LS context. Food intake at lunch was lower after the HE than after the LE preloads (effect of energy P < 0.001), but this effect depended on sensory context (P < 0.005). The degree to which reduced test meal intake compensated for the added energy in the HE preloads was 88% in the HS context, which was significantly greater than in the MS (47%) and LS (18%) contexts. Conclusion: Small changes in the sensory characteristics of drinks altered the degree to which added energy was satiating, which implies that nutrients become more satiating when they are predicted by relevant sensory cues such as thickness and creaminess.
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