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JurnalSocial Science & Medicine ( vol. 62 no. 4 (Feb. 2006)
Topik: Science; Medicine
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0277-9536    Year:: 2006    Bulan: 02    Edisi: Feb 2006    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Disciplining the Feminine : The Reproduction of Gender COntradictions in the Mental Health Care of Women with Eating Disorders, halaman 793-804
  2. Pathways to Suicidal Behaviour Among Adolescent Girls in Ncaragua, halaman 805-814
  3. Cross-National Variation of Gender Differences in Adolescent Subjective Health in Europe and North America, halaman 815-827
  4. Depression and Mental Health Visits to Physicians a Prospective Records Based Study, halaman 828-834
  5. Economic Valuation of Informal Care : Lessons from the Application of the Opportunity Costs and Proxy Good Methods, halaman 835-845
  6. A Conceptually Based Approach to understanding Chronically Ill Patients' Responses to Medication Cost Pressures, halaman 846-857
  7. What are the Economic Consequences for Households of Illness and of Paying for Health care in Low and middle Income Country Contexts ?, halaman 858-865
  8. Understanding the Impact of Eliminating User Fees : Utilization and Catastrophic Health Expenditures in Uganda , halaman 866-876
  9. Informal Payments in Government Health Facilities in Albanis : Results of a Qualitative Study, halaman 877-887
  10. Evaluations of Care by Adults Following a Denial of an Advertisement Related Prescription Drug Request : The Role of Expectations, Symptom Severity, and Physician Communication Style, halaman 888-899
  11. An Implementation Intentions Intervention, the Use of a Planning Strategy, and Physical Activity After Myocardial Infrarction , halaman 900-908
  12. Explaining US Racial / Ethnic Disparities in Health Declines and Mortality in Late Middle Age : The Roles of Socioeconomic 5tatus, Health Behaviors and Health Insurance, halaman 909-922
  13. A Socially Neutral Disease ? Individual Social Class, Household Wealth and Mortality from Spanish Influenze in Two Socially Contrasting Parishes in Kristiania 1918 - 9, halaman 923-940
  14. Psychometric and Cognitive Validation of a Social Capital Measurement Tool in Peru and Vietnam, halaman 941-953
  15. Low Linking Social Capital as a Predictor of Coronary Heart Disease in Sweden : A Cohort Study of 2,8 Million People, halaman 954-963
  16. What Factors Induce Health Care Decision Makers to use Clinical Guidelines ? Evidence from Provincial Health Ministries, Regional Helath Authorities and Hospitals in Canada, halaman 964-976
  17. Long Run Consequences of Parental Paid Work Hours for Child Overweight Status in Canada, halaman 977-986
  18. Contradictory Sexual Norms and Expectations for Young People in Rural Northern Tanzania, halaman 987-997
  19. Volunteer Human Subjects' Understandings of Their Participation in a Biomedical Research Experiment, halaman 998-1008
  20. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics ? Reliability and Personal Accounts of Smoking Among Young People, halaman 1009-1021
  21. Technogovernance : Evidence, Subjectivity, and the Clinical Encoutner in Primary Care Medicine, halaman 1022-1030
  22. Infertility : Testing a Helpseeking Model, halaman 1031-1041
  23. Book Review : Counseling Refugees : A Psychosocial Approach to Innovative Multicultural Interventions, halaman 1042

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