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Search Instructions:
  • Input is not case-sensitive.
  • Logical operators can be used in search criteria with the keywords NOT, AND, OR. These operators must be written in uppercase (case-sensitive).
  • The use of the NOT operator can be abbreviated with the "-" (minus) sign.
  • Words in the search criteria that consist of less than 3 characters (letters/digits) will not be included in the search process.
  • Search criteria may contain phrases (several words in quotation marks that will be used as is). For example: "system programming"
  • To include a search with words consisting of less than 3 characters, use the "+" (plus) sign.
    For example: To search for a collection titled "Basics of Physics 2," enter the search criteria: Basics of Physics +II or "Basics of Physics II"
  • Please use advanced search for more specific search criteria.
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