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JurnalJournal of Management Accounting Research vol. 3 (1991)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 10492127    Year:: 1991    
Penerbit: American Accounting Association
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Restoring The Relevance of Management Accounting, halaman 1-15
  2. Target Costing and Kaizen Costing in Japanese Automobile Companies, halaman 16-34
  3. Data Envelopment Analysis : Partial Survey and Applications for Management Accounting, halaman 35-56
  4. Performance Evaluation and The Analytic Hierarchy Process, halaman 57-87
  5. Some Empirical Evidence on The Non-Normality of Cost Variances, halaman 88-97
  6. An Empirical Examination of Managers' Motivation to Implement Just-in-Time Procedures, halaman 98-112
  7. Capital Budgeting Practices - A Survey of Corporate Use, halaman 113-130
  8. Management Accounting and Control Systems : A Structuration Theory Analysis, halaman 131-158
  9. Conditions Under Which Activity-Based Cost Systems Provide Relevant Costs, halaman 159-168
  10. Accounting Evaluative Styles and The Contagion Effect in Middle-Managers : An Empirical Study, halaman 169-193
  11. Factors Influencing Supervisor's Responses to Subordinate's Poor Performance : An Attribution Analysis, halaman 194-212
  12. An Application of Expectancy Theory to Examine Managers' Motivation to Utilize A Decision Support System, halaman 213-222
  13. Revolution in Management Accounting : A Review of Robert S. Kaplan's and Anthony A. Atkinson's Advanced Management Accounting, halaman 223-229
  14. Joel Dean : Seminal Contributor to Management Accounting, halaman 230-232
  15. William J. Vatter : Notable Contribution to Management Accounting, halaman 233

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