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JurnalAdolescence vol. 27 no. 107 (1992)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0001-8449    Year:: 1992    Edisi: Fall 1992    
Penerbit: American Library Association
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Verbalized Anger and Accusatory "You" Messages as Cues for Anger and Antagonism Among Adolescents, halaman 505-516
  2. The Effects of A Psychoeducational Program on Adolescents' Activity Involvement, Self - Esteem, and Locus of Control, halaman 517-526
  3. Reliability and Validity of The Korean Youth Depression Adjective Check List (Y-DACL), halaman 527-534
  4. Evaluating The Efficacy of Short - Term Counseling in Adolescents in A School Setting, halaman 535-544
  5. The Use of MMPI Special Scales in The Assessment of Delinquent Personality, halaman 545-554
  6. A Comparison of The Perceptions of The Mother - Daughter Relationship of Black Pregnant and Nonpregnant Teenagers, halaman 555-564
  7. The Association Between Teacher Attitudes, Behavioral Intentions, and Smoking and The Prevalence of Smoking Among Seventh - Grade Students, halaman 565-578
  8. Single - Sex Versus Coeducational Environment and Achievement in Adolescent Females, halaman 579-594
  9. Relationship Between Peer Status and Health Behaviors, halaman 595-602
  10. The Cognitive and Social - Emotional Correlates of Color Deficiency in Children : A Literature Review and Analysis, halaman 603-612
  11. Predicators of Adolescent Female Decision Making Regarding Contraceptive Usage, halaman 613-632
  12. The Effect of Free or Reduced - Price Lunches on The Self - Esteem of Middle School Students, halaman 633-638
  13. Is Parental Divorce A Critical Stressor for Young Adolescents ? Grade Point Average as A Case in Point, halaman 639-646
  14. A Profile of Young Adolescents Attending A Teen Family Planning Clinic, halaman 647-654
  15. Developmental Profiles of Adolescents and Young Adults Choosing Abortion : Stage Sequence, Decalage, Implications for Policy, halaman 655-674
  16. The Effects of Gender, Race, Religion, and Political Orientation The Sex Role Attitudes of College Freshmen, halaman 675-688
  17. Temperament and Self - Esteem in Late Adolescence, halaman 689-694
  18. Demographic, Clinical, and Personality Variables Associated with Male Prostituation By Choice, halaman 695-706
  19. Adolescent Self - Perception as A Function of Vision Loss, halaman 707-714
  20. An Evaluation of Parental Assessment of The Big Brothers / Big Sisters Program in New York City, halaman 715-718
  21. Holistic Attitudes of High School Students Toward Themselves and Their School Experiences, halaman 719-730
  22. The Validity and Devolution of A Concept : Student Alientation, halaman 731-741

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