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JurnalProcedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences vol. 220 (May 2016)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1877-0428    Year:: 2016    Bulan: 05    Edisi: 31 Mei 2016    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. 19th international conference enterprise and competitive environment 2016, ece 2016, 10–11 march 2016, brno, czech republic - editorial, halaman 1-2
  2. Factors influencing the development of the czech crown, halaman 1-9
  3. The spatial differentiation of the availability of health care in polish regions, halaman 1-9
  4. Consumer’s behavior of the foodstuff consumption in slovakia, halaman 1-9
  5. The post-soviet countries – development and structure of economy: is there any potential for future regional integration?, halaman 1-10
  6. A comparative analysis of selected synthetic indicators of sustainability, halaman 1-11
  7. Electronics industry: R&D investments as possible factors of firms competitiveness, halaman 1-11
  8. Biological assets: In what way should be measured by SMEs?, halaman 1-8
  9. Will the Czech accounting entities benefit from the Directive 2013/34/EU?, halaman 1-6
  10. Implementation of directive 2014/17/eu and its impact on eu and member states markets, from not only a czech perspective, halaman 1-10
  11. Electoral cycle and tax policy – determination of income tax variables: case of the czech republic, halaman 1-10
  12. Impairment test in the football team financial reports, halaman 1-10
  13. Social Media and Capital Markets. An Overview, halaman 1-9
  14. Relationship between management practices and quality of csr reports, halaman 1-9
  15. Drivers of women entrepreneurship in Visegrad countries: GEM evidence, halaman 1-10
  16. Dynamics of liquidity on German stock market under the influence of HFT, halaman 1-8
  17. Public Finance Consolidation in Czech Republic and Poland – What after Crisis?, halaman 1-8
  18. Complaints under the purchase contract after the recodification of Czech civil law, halaman 1-9
  19. Developing service industry to solve environment conflict: a case of yuyang district, China, halaman 1-7
  20. Determinants of foreign currency savings: evidence from google search data, halaman 1-11
  21. Sustainability assessment using sustainable value added, halaman 1-7
  22. Competitive vs. Cooperative personality, what is the difference? Implications for the personnel selections, halaman 1-7
  23. Corporate life cycle as a tool to solve technological unemployment just as to lift out of poverty, halaman 1-9
  24. Quality label as the guarantee of higher quality of food – a case study of Slovak food market, halaman 1-10
  25. A survey: theory of control and welfare state attitudes, halaman 1-7
  26. A survey: theory of control and welfare state attitudes, halaman 1-7
  27. Relational capital and open innovation – in search of interdependencies, halaman 1-7
  28. Seniors and their food shopping behavior: an empirical analysis, halaman 1-8
  29. The impact of total risk management on company’s performance, halaman 1-7
  30. The microeconomic impact on growth of SMEs when the access to finance widens: evidence from internet & high-tech industry, halaman 1-10
  31. Investigating the stability of money demand in Ghana, halaman 1-6
  32. The impact of tax burden overshifting on the Pigovian taxation, halaman 1-10
  33. Inclusive entrepreneurship in Visegrad4 countries, halaman 1-9
  34. Social lending and its risks, halaman 1-8
  35. Specifics of IFRS adoption by czech private companies, halaman 1-10
  36. Unmet need for health care – a serious issue for European elderly?, halaman 1-9
  37. Detection of pole-like objects from lidar data, halaman 1-10
  38. Measuring structural, location and environmental effects: a hedonic analysis of housing market in Wroclaw, Poland, halaman 1-10
  39. Testing of short sale hypotheses on NYSE, halaman 1-10
  40. The underground economy of czech republic and tax evasion: the currency demand , halaman 1-8
  41. Stock market informational efficiency in Germany: granger causality between dax and selected macroeconomic indicators, halaman 1-9
  42. Determinants of the business model change – a case study of a farm applying diversification strategy, halaman 1-8
  43. Take advantage of information systems to increase competitiveness in SMEs, halaman 1-9
  44. User friendly interaction with natural objects in web map applications based on object recognition, halaman 1-8
  45. Mobile application for customers’ reviews opinion mining, halaman 1-9
  46. Deferred tax under IAS 12 in the chosen Czech and Russian companies, halaman 1-9
  47. The analysis of farm population with respect to young farmers in the European union, halaman 1-8
  48. The European debt crisis: a brief discussion of its causes and possible solutions, halaman 1-8
  49. Trade, trade openness and macroeconomic performance, halaman 1-10
  50. VAT control statement as a solution to tax evasion in the Czech Republic, halaman 1-7
  51. Influence of mobile-friendly design to search results on Google search, halaman 1-10
  52. A new approach to model and optimize the order sequence of a two-stage storage and order picking system with particular attention to restrictions of the material flow, halaman 1-10
  53. Rural versus urban hospitals in Poland. Hospital’s financial health assessment, halaman 1-8
  54. Conditional correlation coefficient as a tool for analysis of contagion in financial markets and real economy indexes based on the synthetic ratio, halaman 1-10
  55. The impact of brand equity on company economic indicators in selected sectors in the Czech Republic, halaman 1-10
  56. Forecasting alcohol consumption in the Czech Republic, halaman 1-9
  57. Building renovation, but makes sense. Critical review of economic and environmental aspects, halaman 1-6
  58. Intergenerational analysis of consumer behaviour on the beer market, halaman 1-9
  59. Factors affecting development of rural areas in the Czech Republic: a literature review, halaman 1-10
  60. Role of foreign direct investment stock in business cycle synchronization, halaman 1-7
  61. Innovation life cycle, halaman 1-9
  62. The role of China’s real economic activity in oil price fluctuations, halaman 1-9
  63. Interconnection of interest rate, price level, money supply and real GDP: the case of the Czech Republic, halaman 1-10
  64. Quality assessment of CSR reports – factor analysis, halaman 1-7

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