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JurnalProcedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences vol. 221 (Jun. 2016)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1877-0428    Year:: 2016    Bulan: 06    Edisi: 7 Juni 2016    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Towards an agreed body of knowledge, understanding, skills and expertise for managers: managing in turbulent times, halaman 1-10
  2. Using six sigma methodology to improve the assembly process in an automotive company, halaman 1-9
  3. The business of business: the context of organisation and commercial development, halaman 1-10
  4. The creative entrepreneur: a framework of analysis, halaman 1-8
  5. Key success factors and barriers for small businesses: comparative analysis, halaman 1-10
  6. Specificity of managerial consultancy for SMes and its status in Romania, halaman 1-10
  7. Specific and common features in fast-growing companies from the timi? county (romania), halaman 1-8
  8. Organizational context factors influencing employee performance appraisal: a research framework, halaman 1-9
  9. Study on management styles and managerial power types for a large organization, halaman 1-10
  10. Is your manager a psychopath? An evaluation of the relationship between the personality types of managers and workers and the levels of psychopathy, halaman 1-10
  11. Job satisfaction variables: a grounded theory approach, halaman 1-9
  12. Adapting herzberg’s two factor theory to the cultural context of romania, halaman 1-10
  13. Ergonomic issues in lean manufacturing, halaman 1-6
  14. Responsible leadership, halaman 1-8
  15. Market study on performance of the marketing function in small and medium enterprises in romania, halaman 1-7
  16. Chester barnard: organisational-management code for the 21st century, halaman 1-9
  17. Marketing practices in smes. Case study: romania vs. Malta, halaman 1-7
  18. Follower perceptions of authentic leadership: a comparison between respondents from romania and the united states, halaman 1-9
  19. Specific business models for romanian companies – shared services, halaman 1-8
  20. Specific models for romanian companies - finance shared services, halaman 1-7
  21. The impact of innovations on the business model: exploratory analysis of a small travel agency, halaman 1-10
  22. The role of the transaction costs in the business success of small and medium sized enterprises in russia, halaman 1-9
  23. Business success of small and medium sized enterprises in russia and social responsibility of managers, halaman 1-9
  24. The impact of intellectual capital on organizational performance, halaman 1-9
  25. Surviving and thriving in the global economic crisis: the journey and potential of the romanian it&c sector, halaman 1-8
  26. Improving key performance indicators in romanian large transport companies, halaman 1-7
  27. Scaling social innovation in europe: an overview of social enterprise readiness, halaman 1-8
  28. The role of transferring knowledge in case of non-business sector projects, halaman 1-10
  29. The evaluation of training programs in qualifications for the automobile industry in romania, halaman 1-10
  30. Entrepreneurship, tax evasion and corruption in europe, halaman 1-8
  31. The role of financial perspective of entrepreneurship and rural development for the purpose of strengthening serbian economy, halaman 1-8
  32. Local tax policy in the function of development of municipalities in serbia, halaman 1-8
  33. Internal sources of financing companies on the basis of static and dynamic indicators: comparative analysis, halaman 1-8
  34. Does iso 9001 quality certification influence labor productivity in EU-27?, halaman 1-9
  35. From quality management to managing quality, halaman 1-7
  36. Measuring service quality in tourism industry, halaman 1-8
  37. Virtues – the centre of quality education system – for successful integration in the international society, halaman 1-6
  38. The structure of active population by educational levels before and after the economic crisis. Was it influenced by the crisis?, halaman 1-9
  39. The impact of the economic crisis on civil employment in the south-west oltenia region of romania, halaman 1-10
  40. Understanding cultural intelligence factors among business students in romania, halaman 1-6
  41. Framing the competitive behaviors of niche players: the electric vehicle business ecosystem perspective, halaman 1-10
  42. Sustainable management of energy wood chips sector: case study of the regional park “caps et marais d'opale”, halaman 1-10
  43. Systemic Definitions of Sustainability, Durability and Longevity, halaman 1-10
  44. Service Provision in the Framework of Industry 4.0, halaman 1-6
  45. Sustainability of public management in the developing countries: the case of lebanon, halaman 1-10
  46. Results optimization process for automotive electronic production in the best-cost country production plant, halaman 1-7
  47. Research of Automotive Change Management and Combined Risk- Management Models, halaman 1-10
  48. The importance of logistics and supply chain management in the enhancement of Romanian SMEs, halaman 1-9
  49. TRIZ model used for complaint management in the automotive product development process, halaman 1-9
  50. Supplier quality management for component introduction in the automotive industry, halaman 1-10

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