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JurnalJN: The Journal of Nutrition vol. 145 no. 11 (Nov. 2015)
Topik: Nutrition
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0022-3166    Year:: 2015    Bulan: 11    Edisi: Nov 2015    
Penerbit: ASN (American Society for Nutrition)
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. WHO Child Growth Standards Are Often Incorrectly Applied to Children Born Preterm in Epidemiologic Research, halaman 2429-2439
  2. Insulin Modulates the Na+/Mg2+ Exchanger SLC41A1 and Influences Mg2+ Efflux from Intracellular Stores in Transgenic HEK293 Cells, halaman 2440-2447
  3. A Single Meal Containing Raw, Crushed Garlic Influences Expression of Immunity- and Cancer-Related Genes in Whole Blood of Humans, halaman 2448-2455
  4. Herring and Beef Meals Lead to Differences in Plasma 2-Aminoadipic Acid, ß-Alanine, 4-Hydroxyproline, Cetoleic Acid, and Docosahexaenoic Acid Concentrations in Overweight Men, halaman 2456-2463
  5. High Amylose Starch with Low In Vitro Digestibility Stimulates Hindgut Fermentation and Has a Bifidogenic Effect in Weaned Pigs, halaman 2464-2470
  6. Amino Acid Oxidation Increases with Dietary Protein Content in Adult Neutered Male Cats as Measured Using [1-13C]Leucine and [15N2]Urea, halaman 2471-2478
  7. Dietary Olive and Perilla Oils Affect Liver Mitochondrial DNA Methylation in Large Yellow Croakers, halaman 2479-2485
  8. The Effects of Oral Quercetin Supplementation on Splanchnic Glucose Metabolism in 1-Week-Old Calves Depend on Diet after Birth, halaman 2486-2495
  9. Amino Acid–Induced Activation of mTORC1 in Rat Liver Is Attenuated by Short-Term Consumption of a High-Fat Diet, halaman 2496-2502
  10. Increased Snacking and Eating Occasions Are Associated with Higher Energy Intake among Mexican Children Aged 2–13 Years, halaman 2570-2577

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