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JurnalTelkomnika Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering vol. 15 no. 01 (Jul. 2015)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 2302-4046    Year:: 2015    Bulan: 07    Edisi: Jul 2015    
Penerbit: Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta and Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES)
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah nasional - terakreditasi DIKTI
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. A Novel Method Based on Biogeography-Based Optimization for DG Planning in Distribution System, halaman 1-13
  2. LEDs Lighting Arrangements for Underground Mines, halaman 14-19
  3. NARX Based Short Term Wind Power Forecasting Model, halaman 20-25
  4. Dual Proportional Integral Controller of Two-Area Load Frequency Control Based Gravitational Search Algorithm, halaman 26-35
  5. An Efficient Power Management Algorithm for a Micro Grid, halaman 36-48
  6. Phase Disposition PWM Technique for Eleven Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Carriers, halaman 49-56
  7. A Nine Level Cascaded Multi Level Inveter Using Embedded and Flip Flops, halaman 57-62
  8. Induction Motor Characteristics Study using Laboratory Instrument Engineering Workbench, halaman 63-70
  9. Power Flow and Transient Stability Improvement by Static Synchronous Series Compensator, halaman 71-77
  10. Multilevel MPSoC Performance Evaluation, New ISSPT Model, halaman 78-86
  11. Fuzzy-PID Controller of Robotic Grinding Force Servo System, halaman 87-99
  12. The Efficiency Test of Additional Multi Protocol Label Switching Network Protocol Over Open Shortest Path First Network Using Graphic Network Simulator 3, halaman 100-106
  13. A Statistical Multiplexing Method for Traffic Signal Timing Optimization in Smart Cities, halaman 107-113
  14. Wide Band CPW Fed Slotted Microstrip Antenna, halaman 114-119
  15. Symbol Error Rate Performance Analysis of Decode and Forward Cooperative Communication System, halaman 120-127
  16. Energy Efficient Intrusion Detection Scheme with Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks, halaman 128-141
  17. Evaluating Quasi Random Deployment in Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Networks, halaman 142-150
  18. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): Model and Security Issues, halaman 151-161
  19. Real-time Vision-based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Sift Features, halaman 162-170
  20. Effective and Efficient Way of Reduce Dependency on Dataset with the Help of Mapreduce on Big Data, halaman 171-176
  21. Smart Grid and Computer Network: How Analogous Are They?, halaman 177-183
  22. KAMAN Protocol for Preventing Virtual Side Channel Attacks in Cloud Environment, halaman 184-190
  23. Simple Method for Non Contact Thickness Gauge using Ultrasonic Sensor and Android Smartphone, halaman 191-196

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