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JurnalInternational Journal of English Linguistics vol. 4 no. 6 (Dec. 2014)
Topik: International Journal; English Linguistics; Linguistics
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1923-8703    Year:: 2014    Bulan: 12    Edisi: Soft copy    
Penerbit: Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE)
Jenis: Journal - e-Journal
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Question Affix Analysis in Standard Arabic: A Minimalist Perspective, halaman 1-15
  2. A Cognitive Metaphorical Analysis of Selected Verses in the Holy Quran, halaman 16-21
  3. The Sociology of Nigerian English: Trends in English Usage in Aba Example, halaman 22-29
  4. Texting Styles of EFL / ESL Teachers in Saudi Universities: Cultural Perspectives, halaman 30-38
  5. Evaluating the Performance of Iraqi EFL College Students in Using Frequency Adverbs, halaman 39-51
  6. A Corpus-Based Study on Original English Abstracts and Translated English Abstracts: A Case Study of Passive Voice and Pronouns, halaman 52-69
  7. The Dynamic and Incremental Features of Vocabulary Acquisition, halaman 70-77
  8. Socio Linguistic Study of Code Switching of the Arabic Language Speakers on Social Networking, halaman 78-86
  9. Imperatives of Political Leadership with Reference to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, halaman 87-96
  10. Assessing Speaking Ability in Academic Context for Fourth Year Taif University Students, halaman 97-103
  11. A Case Study of Visual-verbal Relations and Application Principles in China’s College English Classroom, halaman 104-112
  12. Study on the Validity of bilingual Mandarin Version of Vocabulary Size Test, halaman 113-117
  13. A Contrastive Study of Cohesion in English and Chinese, halaman 118-123
  14. The Effect of Positive Evidence and Negative Feedback on EFL Learners’ Acquisition of the Third Person Singular Form, halaman 124-133
  15. A Contrastive Study of Death Metaphors in English and Chinese, halaman 134-142
  16. A Study of Lexical Cohesion Theory in Reading Comprehension, halaman 143-150
  17. On the Problems Arising during the Transformation of the English Verbal Phraseological Units, halaman 151-159
  18. Linguo-Cultural Aspect of Interrelation of Language and Culture, halaman 160-166
  19. A Systemic Functional Analysis on Discourse Marker—“Honest Phrases”, halaman 167-173

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