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JurnalSYSTEM: An International Journal of Educational Technology and Applied Linguistics (Full Text) vol. 42 (2014)
Topik: Applied Linguistics
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0346-251X    Year:: 2014    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. EFL students’ grammar achievement in a hypermedia context: Exploring the role of Internet-specific personal epistemology, halaman 1-11
  2. Pedagogical knowledge base: A conceptual framework for teacher admission, halaman 12-22
  3. Reliability of lexical richness measures based on word lists in short second language productions, halaman 23-33
  4. Communication strategies in a multimodal virtual communication context, halaman 34-47
  5. Sociocultural influences on the use of a web-based tool for learning English vocabulary, halaman 48-59
  6. Teachers’ practices in EAP writing instruction: Use of models and modeling, halaman 60-69
  7. Gender differences and EFL reading comprehension: Revisiting topic interest and test performance, halaman 70-80
  8. L2 learners’ conceptions of academic reading and themselves as academic readers, halaman 81-92
  9. Native speaker–non-native speaker study abroad conversations: Do they provide feedback and opportunities for pushed output?, halaman 93-104
  10. Using self-assessment to compare learners’ reading proficiency in a multilingual assessment framework, halaman 105-119
  11. A language ideological perspective on willingness to communicate, halaman 120-132
  12. A community of practice of teaching English writing in a Chinese University, halaman 133-142
  13. Building contact linguistic competence related to English as the nativized foreign language, halaman 143-154
  14. Foreign language learners’ interactions with their teachers on Facebook, halaman 155-163
  15. Investigating the validity of internet television as a resource for acquiring L2 formulaic sequences, halaman 164-176
  16. Managing synchronous polyfocality in new media/new learning: Online language educators’ instructional strategies, halaman 177-188
  17. Insert and post-expansion in L2 Arabic requests, halaman 189-206
  18. Elicited imitation in search of the influence of linguistic rhythm on child L2 acquisition, halaman 207-219
  19. Use of formulaic bundles by non-native English graduate writers and published authors in applied linguistics, halaman 220-231
  20. Measuring syntactic complexity in L2 pragmatic production: Investigating relationships among pragmatics, grammar, and proficiency, halaman 270-287
  21. The relationship between academic self-concept, attributions, and L2 achievement, halaman 391-401

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