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JurnalBrain and Language (Full Text) vol. 135 (2014)
Topik: Linguistics; Psycholinguistics; Brain and Language
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0093-934X    Year:: 2014    
Penerbit: Brain and Language
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Electro-cortical manifestations of common vs. proper name processing during reading, halaman 1-8
  2. Age-related behavioural and neurofunctional patterns of second language word learning: Different ways of being successful, halaman 9-19
  3. Exploring the multiple-level hypothesis of AoA effects in spoken and written object naming using a topographic ERP analysis, halaman 20-31
  4. Age-related differences in effective connectivity of brain regions involved in Japanese kanji processing with homophone judgment task, halaman 32-41
  5. Agreement attraction during comprehension of grammatical sentences: ERP evidence from ellipsis, halaman 42-51
  6. Theta-band phase tracking in the two-talker problem, halaman 52-56
  7. Primary progressive aphasia: Linguistic patterns and clinical variants, halaman 57-65
  8. The role of language in multi-dimensional categorization: Evidence from transcranial direct current stimulation and exposure to verbal labels, halaman 66-72
  9. Auditory–prefrontal axonal connectivity in the macaque cortex: Quantitative assessment of processing streams, halaman 73-84
  10. Attentional modulation of the early cortical representation of speech signals in informational or energetic masking, halaman 85-95
  11. The role of the insula in speech and language processing, halaman 96-103
  12. High frequency gamma activity in the left hippocampus predicts visual object naming performance, halaman 104-114
  13. Prospective and retrospective semantic processing: Prediction, time, and relationship strength in event-related potentials, halaman 115-129

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