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JurnalInternational Journal of Arts and Sciences vol. 06 no. 02 (2013)
Topik: Humanities; Social Sciences; Business Administration; Economics; Education
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1944-6934    Year:: 2013    
Penerbit: University Publications
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Assessing the Historian Michael Kritovoulus as a Historical Figure Through Analysis of Michael Kritovoulus' History of Mehmed the Conqueror, halaman 1-18
  2. There and Back Again: A Short History of Health Service Reform in England From 1909-2012, halaman 19-30
  3. The Relationship Between Age and Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Workers in a Maltese Cultural Context, halaman 31-45
  4. The Relationship of "Tongue" to "Hand" in Shakespeare's Five Roman Plays: Tracing the Author's Evolving Views on Human Nature, halaman 47-60
  5. A Heuristic Approach to Reminiscence: Using a Memory Tree Model to Access Childhood Memories. (Based on Accessing Memories of Childhood in Post-War Merseyside, England, UK), halaman 61-72
  6. Coping Experiences When Caring for a Person with Severe Mental Illnesses: A Qualitative Study, halaman 73-80
  7. Networks, Clusters and Innovation in Romanian Tourism, halaman 81-89
  8. Using Learning Strategy Instruction to Promote English Language Students' Academic Success, halaman 91-101
  9. Cultural "Pogroms" and Vanished Communities: The Modern Exodus in Selected Jewish-Egyptian Memoirs, halaman 103-116
  10. Does Offshoring Affect Enrollment in Science and Engineering Programs in the United States?, halaman 117-137
  11. Education, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Activation: A Challenge for All, halaman 139-149
  12. Humanistic Vision of Man: Hope for Success, Emotional Intelligence and Pro-Social Engagement, halaman 151-166
  13. Oh Brother, What Art Thou? Beauty versus Cruelty in Cain and Abel, halaman 167-176
  14. The Power of One – The Role of 'Workplace Coaching' in Engaging Salient Stakeholders in Yalumba's ' Commitment to Sustainable Winemaking' Programme, halaman 177-201
  15. Credit Market Imperfection, Income Inequality, and Individual Happiness, halaman 203-211
  16. Adolescent's Concept of a Personal Future: A Criteria for the Differentiation of Developmental and Pathological Anxiety, halaman 213-220
  17. Evaluating Residents' Housing and Neighbourhood Preferences in Nigeria: Providing a Feedback for Public Housing Delivery, halaman 221-240
  18. The Metaphysics of Nature in 17th Century Chemistry, or, Explaining and Explaining Away the Occult, halaman 241-248
  19. Transposing Information Theory on the Calcutta Chromosome: A Critique of Ghosh's Transhuman Futurological Vision, halaman 249-260
  20. The Interdependence Between Globalisation, the Knowledge-Based Economy and the Information Society at the XXI Century in European Area, halaman 261-278
  21. Wave of Revolution in North Africa: Can It Spread to Nigeria?, halaman 279-291
  22. The Impact of Financial Leadership on the Succes of SMEs in the Management of Crisis, halaman 293-304
  23. Official Corruption and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: A Critical Assessment (2003-2010), halaman 305-329
  24. Communication and Emotions – Emotional Expressiveness or Emotional Restraint?, halaman 331-350
  25. How Do Gods Interfere in Your Behavior?, halaman 351-360
  26. Is Mutual Violent Combat (MVC) a Gender Neutral Conceptualization of Intimate Partner Violence?, halaman 361-376
  27. Emotional Intelligence and Demographic Profile Variables as Predictors of Job Performance Among Bank Managers in the Middle East, halaman 377-388
  28. A Causal Model of Ethical Business Practices and Firm Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in Thailand, halaman 389-402
  29. Questioning the Effects of Dynamics that Influence Social Awareness of the Status of Women in Turkey, halaman 403-413
  30. The Association Between Time Spent in Daycare and Preschool Attachment to Fathers and Mothers: An Exploration of Disorganization, halaman 415-422
  31. Arabesques: An Arabic Tale in Hebrew Letters Posing a Challenge for a Dialogue and Mutual Recognition in Honor of Peace, halaman 423-433
  32. Metaphors and the Construction of a Hallucinatory Realistic Story World: A Case Study of Mo Yan's Autumn Water and Its Translation, halaman 435-453
  33. Composer Perspectives on Creating Educational Music for Winds, halaman 455-468
  34. Virtual Organization: A Strategic Management Option for Business in Developing Countries, halaman 469-499
  35. Healthcare and Culture Clash: The Case of Caribbean Female Immigrants in the United States, halaman 501-514
  36. How Well do Project Management Reports Reduce Risks? a Comparison Between the World Bank and Government of Malaysia Project Management Reporting in the Educational Sector Support Project (ESSP), halaman 515-550
  37. BMW and Brazilian Federal Government: Enhancing the Automotive Industry Regulatory Environment, halaman 551-567
  38. A Need to Motivate Hotels in Innovative Water Management, halaman 569-577
  39. A Structural Equation Modelling Development of Relationship Marketing Orientation and Business Strategies Affecting Banking Performance Effectiveness, halaman 579-593
  40. Zeolite Adsorbents of Selected Diesel Types, halaman 595-602
  41. Compassion Fatigue in Family Members of Individuals with Addictions: A Path to Renewed Meaning, halaman 603-613
  42. Management and Programs of Intellectual Property Rights for Small Medium Enterprises in Indonesia, halaman 615-636
  43. A Phenomenological Study of Non-Muslim Nurses Experiences of Caring for Muslim Patients in Saudi Arabia, halaman 637-646
  44. Kierkegaard's Concept of Neighbor Love as a Paradigm for an Emancipation of Caste System in India Today: A Christian Response, halaman 647-672
  45. Francisco Nieva and Paris, halaman 673-682
  46. Writing and the Rhetorical Insufficiency of the Word: Juan Manuel De Prada's El Silencio Del Patinador, halaman 683-696
  47. Flight of the Tiki, halaman 697-707
  48. Fashion as a Cultural Sign of Change – a Study of Wilkie Collins' the Woman in White and Gail Carriger's Soulless and Changeless, halaman 709-714
  49. The Representation of Women on TV News, halaman 715-730
  50. The State of American Public Education, halaman 731-742
  51. Recruitment Strategy and Employee Retention in Indian Banking and Insurance Sector, halaman 743-756
  52. How Agricultural Value Chain Development Can Empower Women in Developing Countries: Evidence from Nigeria and the Philippines, halaman 757-763
  53. Bioventure Growth and Interorganizational Relationships, halaman 765-795
  54. Spiritual Leadership: Investigating the Effects of Altruistic Love on Organizational Commitment, halaman 767-819

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