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JurnalInternational Journal of English Linguistics vol. 2 no. 6 (Dec. 2012)
Topik: International Journal; English Linguistics; Linguistics
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1923-8703    Year:: 2012    Bulan: 12    Edisi: soft copy    
Penerbit: Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE)
Jenis: Journal - e-Journal
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Language as Investment, Capital, and Economics: Spanish-Speaking English Learners’ Language Use and Attitudes, halaman 1-16
  2. Evaluating a Developed Framework for Curriculum Evaluation in Oman, halaman 17-26
  3. Transitional Probability and Word Segmentation, halaman 27-30
  4. A Survey on Freshmen’s Perception of Biblical Knowledge in Intercultural Communication, halaman 31-39
  5. A Comparative Study of Activity Preferences of Learners and Teachers in College English Teaching and Its Implications for Curriculum Design, halaman 40-49
  6. A Corpus-Aided Study of Shifts in English-to-Chinese Translation of Prepositions, halaman 50-62
  7. A Study on Different Translation Evaluation Strategies to Introduce an Eclectic Method, halaman 63-70
  8. Effects of Multi-Faceted Lexical Instruction on the TOEIC Listening Performance of Taiwanese EFL College Students, halaman 71-79
  9. Verbs Expressing Wish and Their Modality Features in Modern English, halaman 80-85
  10. Figures of Thought in the English Literary Discourse, halaman 86-90
  11. Developing Speaking Skills through Reading, halaman 91-96
  12. Translating Literary Prose: Problems and Solutions, halaman 97-111
  13. What’s New in Shona Street Lingo? Semantic Change in Lingo Adoptives from Mainstream Shona, halaman 112-119
  14. Semantic Errors Committed by Yemeni University Learners: Classifications and Sources, halaman 120-139

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