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JurnalHuman Reproduction vol. 28 no. 05 (May 2013)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0268-1161    Year:: 2013    Bulan: 05    Edisi: May 2013    
Penerbit: Oxford University Press
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Birth of 16 healthy children after ICSI in cases of nonmosaic Klinefelter syndrome, halaman 1155-1160
  2. Preimplantation human blastocysts release factors that differentially alter human endometrial epithelial cell adhesion and gene expression relative to IVF success , halaman 1161-1171
  3. Corin, an enzyme with a putative role in spiral artery remodeling, is up-regulated in late secretory endometrium and first trimester decidua , halaman 1172-1180
  4. First trimester brain ventricle fluid and embryonic volumes measured by three-dimensional ultrasound with the use of I-Space virtual reality , halaman 1181-1189
  5. Comparison of pre- and post-implantation development following the application of three artificial activating stimuli in a mouse model with round-headed sperm cells deficient for oocyte activation , halaman 1190-1198
  6. Prediction of live birth in frozen–thawed single blastocyst transfer cycles by pre-freeze and post-thaw morphology, halaman 1199-1209
  7. Objective way to support embryo transfer: a probabilistic decision, halaman 1210-1220
  8. Surgical versus low-dose progestin treatment for endometriosis-associated severe deep dyspareunia II: Effect on sexual functioning, psychological status and health-related quality of life , halaman 1221-1230
  9. Relapse of endometrial hyperplasia after conservative treatment: a cohort study with long-term follow-up, halaman 1231-1236
  10. The prediction of pouch of Douglas obliteration using offline analysis of the transvaginal ultrasound ‘sliding sign’ technique: inter- and intra-observer reproducibility , halaman 1237-1246
  11. Fertility after ectopic pregnancy: the DEMETER randomized trial, halaman 1247-1253
  12. Addition of highly purified HMG after corifollitropin alfa in antagonist-treated poor ovarian responders: a pilot study, halaman 1254-1260
  13. A prediction model to select PCOS patients suitable for IVM treatment based on anti-Müllerian hormone and antral follicle count , halaman 1261-1266
  14. Morphological and functional preservation of pre-antral follicles after vitrification of macaque ovarian tissue in a closed system , halaman 1267-1279
  15. When biological scientists become health-care workers: emotional labour in embryology, halaman 1289-1296
  16. A protein isolated from human oviductal tissue in vitro secretion, identified as human lactoferrin, interacts with spermatozoa and oocytes and modulates gamete interaction , halaman 1297-1308
  17. High FSH decreases the developmental potential of mouse oocytes and resulting fertilized embryos, but does not influence offspring physiology and behavior in vitro or in vivo, halaman 1309-1323
  18. The expression and functionality of stromal caveolin 1 in human adenomyosis, halaman 1324-1338
  19. Resveratrol is a potent inhibitor of vascularization and cell proliferation in experimental endometriosis, halaman 1339-1347
  20. Poor sleep in PCOS; is melatonin the culprit?, halaman 1348-1353
  21. Atherogenic changes in low-density lipoprotein particle profiles were not observed in non-obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome , halaman 1354-1360
  22. Updated ultrasound criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome: reliable thresholds for elevated follicle population and ovarian volume , halaman 1361-1368
  23. International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ICMART) world report: assisted reproductive technology 2004†, halaman 1375-1390
  24. Inter-clinic variation in the chances of natural conception of subfertile couples, halaman 1391-1397
  25. Pre-gravid oral contraceptive use and time to pregnancy: a Danish prospective cohort study, halaman 1398-1405
  26. Reproductive characteristics in relation to ovarian cancer risk by histologic pathways, halaman 1406-1417
  27. Comprehensive embryo testing. Experts’ opinions regarding future directions: an expert panel study on comprehensive embryo testing , halaman 1418-1425
  28. Polar body analysis by array comparative genomic hybridization accurately predicts aneuploidies of maternal meiotic origin in cleavage stage embryos of women of advanced maternal age , halaman 1426-1434
  29. Blastocyst biopsy and vitrification are effective for preimplantation genetic diagnosis of monogenic diseases, halaman 1435-1444

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