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JurnalDevelopment and Psychopathology vol. 25 no. 3 (Aug. 2013)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0954-5794    Year:: 2013    Bulan: 08    Edisi: Agu 2013    
Penerbit: Cambridge University Press
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Parental resposiveness moderates the association between early-life stress and reduced telomere length, halaman 577-585
  2. The serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region and brain-derived neurotrophic factor valine to methionine at position 66 polymorphisms and maternal history of depression: Associations with cognitive vulnerability to depression in childhood, halaman 587-598
  3. Vulnerability to depression: A moderated mediation model of the roles of child maltreatment, peer victimization, and serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region genetic variation among children from low socioeconomic status backgrounds, halaman 599-614
  4. Longitudinal relations between sectarian and nonsectarian community violence and child adjustment in Northern Ireland, halaman 615-627
  5. Are flatter diurnal cortisol rhythms associated with major depression and anxiety disorders in late adolescence? The role of life stress and daily negative emotion, halaman 629-642
  6. Interest in high-functioning autism are more intense, interfering, and idiosyncratic than those in neurotypical development, halaman 643-652
  7. Predicting internalizing problems in Chinese children: The unique and interactive effects of parenting and child temperament, halaman 653-667
  8. Strategic objectives for improving understanding of informant discrepancies in developmental psychopathology research, halaman 669-682
  9. Dynamic temporal relations between anxious and depressive symptoms across adolescence, halaman 683-697
  10. Effects of family cohesion and heart rate reactivity on aggressive/rule-breaking behavior and prosocial behavior in adolescence: The Tracking Adolescents' Individual Lives Survey study, halaman 699-712
  11. Maturity and change in personality: Developmental trends of temperament and character in adulthood, halaman 713-727
  12. A theoretical model of continuity and links to academic achievement in disaster-exposed school children, halaman 729-737
  13. Escaping the snare of chronological growth and launching a free curve alternative: General deviance as latent growth model, halaman 739-754
  14. Contextual risk and promotive processes in Puerto Rican youths' inetrnalizing trajectories in Puerto Rico and New York, halaman 755-771
  15. Restricted and repetitive behaviors in autism spectrum disorders: The relationship of attention and motor deficits, halaman 773-784
  16. Prospective developmental subtypes of alcohol dependence from age 18 to 32 years: Implications for nosology, etiology, and intervention, halaman 785-800
  17. Relational aggression, victimization, and adjustment during middle childhood, halaman 801-815
  18. Deconstructing the externalizing spectrum: Growth patterns of overt aggression, covert agression, oppositional behavior, impulsivity/inattention, and emotion dysregulation between school entry and early adolescence, halaman 817-842
  19. The distinctive role of romantic relationships in moderating the effects of early caregiving on adult anxious-depressed symptoms over 9 years, halaman 843-856
  20. Language and internalizing and externalizing behavioral adjustment: Developmental pathways from childhood to adolescence, halaman 857-878

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