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JurnalJournal of Pragmatics: An Interdiciplinary Journal of Language Studies vol. 39 no. 6 (Jun. 2007)
Topik: Linguistics; Language; Pragmatics
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0378-2166    Year:: 2007    Bulan: 06    Edisi: soft copy    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The pragmatics of connotation, halaman 1047-1057
  2. Referential cohesion in the narratives of bilingual English-Italian children and monolingual peers, halaman 1058-1087
  3. Conflicting representations in business and media texts: The case of PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc, halaman 1088-1104
  4. ‘Opposites’ in discourse: A comparison of antonym use across four domains, halaman 1105-1119
  5. The complementarity of two identities and two approaches Quantitative and qualitative analysis of institutional and professional identity, halaman 1120-1142
  6. An analysis of the usage of Japanese hiniku: Based on the communicative insincerity theory of irony, halaman 1143-1169
  7. Strong and mild requestive hints and positive-face redress in Cuban Spanish, halaman 1170-1202
  8. Third turn position in teacher talk: Contingency and the work of teaching, halaman 1204-1230
  9. Book review; The Building Blocks of Meaning: Ideas for a Philosophical Grammar, halaman 1231-1234
  10. Book review; Multimodal Transcription and Text Analysis: A Multimedia Toolkit and Coursebook, halaman 1235-1238

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