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JurnalCurrent Directions in Psychological Science vol. 17 no. 02 (Apr. 2008)
Topik: Psychological Science
Bahasa: (EN )    Year:: 2008    Bulan: 04    Edisi: Apr 2008    
Penerbit: SAGE Publications
Jenis: Journal - e-Journal
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Neuroimaging as a New Tool in the Toolbox of Psychological Science, halaman 62-67
  2. Computational Cognitive Neuroscience of the Visual System, halaman 68-72
  3. Object Recognition : Insights From Advances in fMRI Methods, halaman 73-79
  4. Speech Perception : Cognitive Foundations and Cortical Implementation, halaman 80-85
  5. The Neural Basis of Selective Attention : Cortical Sources and Targets of Attentional Modulation, halaman 86-90
  6. Cognitive and Neural Contributions to Understanding the Conceptual System, halaman 91-95
  7. Should Psychology Ignore the Language of the Brain?, halaman 96-101
  8. Neuroscientific Evidence About the Distinction Between Short- and Long-Term Memory, halaman 102-106
  9. Neural Representations of Nondeclarative Memories, halaman 107-111
  10. Declarative Memory, halaman 112-118
  11. Toward a Mechanistic Understanding of Human Decision Making : Contributions of Functional Neuroimaging, halaman 119-123
  12. Progress in Executive-Function Research : From Tasks to Functions to Regions to Networks, halaman 124-129
  13. The Representation of Action : Insights From Bimanual Coordination, halaman 130-135
  14. Contributions of Neuroscience to Our Understanding of Cognitive Development, halaman 136-141
  15. Contributions of Functional Neuroimaging to the Study of Social Cognition, halaman 142-146
  16. How (and Why) Emotion Enhances the Subjective Sense of Recollection, halaman 147-152
  17. Cognitive Emotion Regulation : Insights From Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, halaman 153-158
  18. Neuroimaging and Depression : Current Status and Unresolved Issues, halaman 159-163
  19. The Neural Basis of Implicit Attitudes, halaman 164-170
  20. How to Exploit Diversity for Scientific Gain : Using Individual Differences to Constrain Cognitive Theory, halaman 171-176
  21. The Interface Between Neuroscience and Psychological Science, halaman 61

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