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JurnalSocial Science & Medicine ( vol. 70 no. 12 (Jun. 2010)
Topik: Science; Medicine
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0277-9536    Year:: 2010    Bulan: 06    Edisi: Jun 2010    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. An Anthropological Analysis of European Union (EU) Health Governance as Biopolitics: The Case of the EU Tissues and Cells Directive, halaman 1867-1873
  2. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Career Change and Labor Force Separation Among Registered Nurses in the U.S., halaman 1874-1881
  3. User Satisfaction is Influenced by the Interval Between a Health Care Service and the Assessment of the Service, halaman 1882-1887
  4. Interruptions and Resistance: A Comparison of Medical Consultatitions with Family and Trained Interpreters, halaman 1888-1895
  5. Assessing the Quality of Democratic Deliberation: A Case Study of Public Deliberation on the Ethics of Surrogate Consent for Research, halaman 1896-1903
  6. The Ethics of Responsibility and Ownership in Decision-making About Treatment for Breast Cancer: Triangulation of Consultation with Patient and Surgeon Perspectives, halaman 1904-1911
  7. 'Like Sugar and Honey': The Embedded Ethics of a Larval Control Project in the Gambia, halaman 1912-1919
  8. The Female Community Health Volunteer Programme in Nepal: Decision Makers' Perceptions of Volunteerism, Payment and Other Incentives, halaman 1920-1927
  9. International Involvement and National Health Governance: The Basic Benefit Package in Tajikistan, halaman 1928-1932
  10. Establishing Health Systems Financing Research Priorities in Developing Countries Using a Participatroy Methodology, halaman 1933-1942
  11. Estimating the Costs of Medicalization, halaman 1943-1947
  12. The Role (or Not) of Economic Evaluation at the Micro Level: Can Bourdieu's Theory Provide a Way Forward for Clinical Decision-making?, halaman 1948-1956
  13. Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Understand Preferences for Quality of Life, Variance-scale Heterogeneity Matters, halaman 1957-1965
  14. Factors Influencing Gender Differences in Smoking and Their Separate Contributions: Evidence from South Korea, halaman 1966-1973
  15. Symmetric Mortality and Asymmetric Suicide Cycles, halaman 1974-1981
  16. Temporary Work and Depressive Symptoms: A Propensity Score Analysis, halaman 1982-1987
  17. Allostatic Load is Associated with Chronic Conditions in the Boston Puero Rican Health Study, halaman 1988-1996
  18. Immigrant Generation and Physical Activity Among Mexican, Chinese & Filipino Adults in the U.S., halaman 1997-2005
  19. The Road to Efficiency? Re-examining the Impact of the Primary Care Physician Workforce on Health Care Utilization Rates, halaman 2006-2010
  20. Individual, Social and Environmental Correlates of Physical Activity Among Women Living in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods, halaman 2011-2018
  21. Compared to Whom? Subjective Social Status, Self-rated Health, and Referent Group Sensitivity in a Diverse US Sample, halaman 2019-2028
  22. "If Your Shoes are Raggedy You Get Talked About": Symbolic and Material Dimensions of Adolescent Social Status and Health, halaman 2029-2035
  23. Disclosure and Sickle Cell Disorder: A Mixed Methods Study of the Young Person with Sickle Cell at School, halaman 2036-2044
  24. Internalization of Stigma for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Hong Kong, halaman 2045-2051
  25. Job Quality and Inequality: Parents' Job and Children's Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, halaman 2052-2060
  26. Siblings and Childhood Mental Health: Evidence for a Later-born Advantage, halaman 2061-2069
  27. The Meaning and Mental Health Consequences of Long-term Immigration Detention for People Seeking Asylum, halaman 2070-2079
  28. Understanding the Association Between Condom Use at First and Most Recent Sexual Intercourse: An Assessment of Normative, Calculative, and Habitual Explanations, halaman 2080-2084
  29. Adolescents Can Know Best: Using Concept Mapping to Identify Factors and Pathways Driving Adolescent Sexuality in Lima, Peru, halaman 2085-2095

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