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JurnalJN: The Journal of Nutrition vol. 140 no. 05 (May 2010)
Topik: Nutrition
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0022-3166    Year:: 2010    Bulan: 05    Edisi: May 2010    
Penerbit: ASN (American Society for Nutrition)
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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    • Nomor Panggil: J42.K.2010.02
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Rapamycin Inhibits Postprandial-Mediated X-Box-Binding Protein-1 Splicing in Rat Liver, halaman 879-884
  2. Sulforaphane and {alpha}-Lipoic Acid Upregulate the Expression of the {pi} Class of Glutathione S-Transferase through c-Jun and Nrf2 Activation, halaman 885-892
  3. Molecular Cloning and Functional Expression of Atlantic Salmon Peptide Transporter 1 in Xenopus Oocytes Reveals Efficient Intestinal Uptake of Lysine-Containing and Other Bioactive Di- and Tripeptides in Teleost Fish, halaman 893-900
  4. Tumor Necrosis Factor-{alpha} Gene -308 G/A Polymorphism Modulates the Relationship between Dietary Fat Intake, Serum Lipids, and Obesity Risk in Black South African Women, halaman 901-907
  5. Restricted Feeding Phase Shifts Clock Gene and Sodium Glucose Cotransporter 1 (SGLT1) Expression in Rats, halaman 908-914
  6. ß-Carotene Conversion to Vitamin A Decreases As the Dietary Dose Increases in Humans, halaman 915-918
  7. Dietary trans Fatty Acid Isomers Differ in Their Effects on Mammary Lipid Metabolism As Well As Lipogenic Gene Expression in Lactating Mice, halaman 919-924
  8. Intrauterine Growth Restriction Modifies the Developmental Pattern of Intestinal Structure, Transcriptomic Profile, and Bacterial Colonization in Neonatal Pigs, halaman 925-931
  9. Alcohol-Induced IGF-I Resistance Is Ameliorated in Mice Deficient for Mitochondrial Branched-Chain Aminotransferase, halaman 932-938
  10. Postprandial Nutrient Partitioning but Not Energy Expenditure Is Modified in Growing Rats during Adaptation to a High-Protein Diet, halaman 939-945
  11. Olive Leaf Extract Attenuates Cardiac, Hepatic, and Metabolic Changes in High Carbohydrate–, High Fat–Fed Rats, halaman 946-953
  12. Measurement Site for Waist Circumference Affects Its Accuracy As an Index of Visceral and Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat in a Caucasian Population, halaman 954-961
  13. Resveratrol Arrests and Regresses the Development of Pressure Overload- but Not Volume Overload-Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy in Rats, halaman 962-968
  14. Short-Term Micronutrient Supplementation Reduces the Duration of Pneumonia and Diarrheal Episodes in HIV-Infected Children, halaman 969-974
  15. Choline Intake Exceeding Current Dietary Recommendations Preserves Markers of Cellular Methylation in a Genetic Subgroup of Folate-Compromised Men, halaman 975-980
  16. Optimal Dietary True Ileal Digestible Threonine for Supporting the Mucosal Barrier in Small Intestine of Weanling Pigs, halaman 981-986
  17. Vitamin D Status Is Modestly Associated with Glycemia and Indicators of Lipid Metabolism in French-Canadian Children and Adolescents, halaman 987-991
  18. Estimated Nutrient Intakes from Food Generally Do Not Meet Dietary Reference Intakes among Adult Members of Pacific Northwest Tribal Nations, halaman 992-998
  19. Maternal Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations Are Associated with Small-for-Gestational Age Births in White Women, halaman 999-1006
  20. Coffee Consumption and Mortality Due to All Causes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer in Japanese Women, halaman 1007-1013
  21. Higher Maternal Plasma Folate but Not Vitamin B-12 Concentrations during Pregnancy Are Associated with Better Cognitive Function Scores in 9- to 10- Year-Old Children in South India, halaman 1014-1022
  22. Marine (n-3) Fatty Acids, Fish Consumption, and the 10-Year Risk of Fatal and Nonfatal Coronary Heart Disease in a Large Population of Dutch Adults with Low Fish Intake, halaman 1023-1028
  23. Adulthood Obesity Is Positively Associated with Adipose Tissue Concentrations of Vitamin K and Inversely Associated with Circulating Indicators of Vitamin K Status in Men and Women, halaman 1029-1034
  24. Zinc Supplementation in Children Is Not Associated with Decreases in Hemoglobin Concentrations, halaman 1035-1040
  25. Neither a Zinc Supplement nor Phytate-Reduced Maize nor Their Combination Enhance Growth of 6- to 12-Month-Old Guatemalan Infants, halaman 1041-1048
  26. Zinc Influences Innate Immune Responses in Children with Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli-Induced Diarrhea, halaman 1049-1056
  27. Eye-Blinking Rates Are Slower in Infants with Iron-Deficiency Anemia than in Nonanemic Iron-Deficient or Iron-Sufficient Infants, halaman 1057-1061

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