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JurnalSocial Science & Medicine ( vol. 67 no. 6 (Sep. 2008)
Topik: Science; Medicine
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0277-9536    Year:: 2008    Bulan: 09    Edisi: Sep 2008    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Small Area Inequalities in Health: Are We Underestimating Them?, halaman 891-899
  2. Do Poorer People Have Poorer Access to Local Resources and Facilities? The Distribution of Local Resources by Area Deprivation in Glasgow, Scotland, halaman 900-914
  3. Individual Factors Explain Neighbourhood Variations in Accidents to Children Under 5 Years of Age, halaman 915-927
  4. Cancer Survival in New Zealand: Ethnic, Social and Geographical Inequalities, halaman 928-937
  5. Creating Intoxigenic Environments: Marketing Alcohol to Young People in Aotearoa New Zealand, halaman 938-946
  6. Is the Duration of Poverty and Unemployment a Risk Factor for Heavy Drinking?, halaman 947-955
  7. Going Ill to Work-What Personal Circumstances, Attitudes and Work-Related Factors are Associated with Sickness Presenteeism?, halaman 956-964
  8. The Impact of Systematic Occupational Health and Safety Management for Occupational Disorders and Long-Term Work Attendence, halaman 965- 970
  9. Relationship of Socioeconomic Status to C-Reactive Protein and Arterial Stiffness in Urban Japanese Civil Servants, halaman 971-981
  10. Do Social Comparisons Explain the Association Between Income Inequality and Health?: Relative Deprivation and Perceived Health Among Male and Female Japanese Individuals, halaman 982-987
  11. Explaining Gender Differences in Ill-Health in South Korea: The Roles of Socio-Structural, Psychosocial, and Behavioral Factors, halaman 988-1001
  12. Informal and Formal Care for Elderly Persons: How Adult Children's Characteristics Affect the Use of Formal Care in Japan, halaman 1002-1008
  13. How Important Are Individual, Household and Commune Characteristics in Explaining Utilization of Maternal Health Services in Vietnam?, halaman 1009-1017
  14. Understanding a Collaborative Effort to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care: Contributions from Social Network Analysis, halaman 1018-1027
  15. 'Doing' Public Health and 'Making' Public Health Practitioners: Putting Policy Into Practice in 'Starting Well', halaman 1028-1037
  16. An Exploration of Food Intolerance in the Primary Care Setting: The General Practitioner's Experience, halaman 1038-1045

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