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JurnalThe Econometrics Journal vol. 7 no. 1 (Jun. 2004)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1368-4221    Year:: 2004    Bulan: 06    Edisi: Softcopy    
Penerbit: Blackwell Publishing
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Pooling of Forecasts, halaman 1–31
  2. Least Squares Estimation And Tests Of Breaks In Mean And Variance Under Misspecification, halaman 32–54
  3. Linearity Tests And Stationarity, halaman 55–62
  4. Efficient Inference In Multivariate Fractionally Integrated Time Series Models, halaman 63–97
  5. The Behaviour Of The Maximum Likelihood Estimator Of Limited Dependent Variable Models In The Presence Of Fixed Effects, halaman 98–119
  6. Simulation Estimation Of Dynamic Discrete Choice Panel Models With Accelerated Importance Samplers, halaman 120–142
  7. Estimating Marginal Likelihoods For Mixture And Markov Switching Models Using Bridge Sampling Techniques, halaman 143–167
  8. Asymptotic Inference Results For Multivariate Long-Memory Processes, halaman 168–190
  9. Determination Of Cointegrating Rank In Partially Non-Stationary Processes Via A Generalised Von-Neumann Criterion, halaman 191-217
  10. Two-Stage Quantile Regression When The First Stage Is Based On Quantile Regression, halaman 218–231
  11. Modelling Phase Shifts Among Stochastic Cycles, halaman 232–248
  12. Cointegration Analysis In The Presence Of Outliers, halaman 249–271
  13. Estimation With Weak Instruments: Accuracy Of Higher-Order Bias And MSE Approximations, halaman 272–306

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