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JurnalFinal Program and Book of Abstracts: The 4th Asian Control Conference, September 25-27, 2002 (Sep. 2002)
Bahasa: (EN )    Year:: 2002    Bulan: 09    
Penerbit: National University of Singapore
Jenis: Article
[Lihat daftar eksemplar jurnal Final Program and Book of Abstracts: The 4th Asian Control Conference, September 25-27, 2002]
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. A Numerically Reliable Method For Input-Output Decoupling Problem with Stability, halaman 59-64
  2. Infinite dimensional LQ control of an open-channel, halaman 65-70
  3. Risk-Sensitive Control for Time-Delay Systems, halaman 71-76
  4. An Off-line Reference Management Technique For Linear Constrained Systems With Time-varying Uncertainties, halaman 77-83
  5. Delta Adaptive Control, halaman 111-116
  6. Adaptive Nonlinear Heading Control of an Underactuated Nonminimum Phase Model of a Marine Vehicle, halaman 117-122
  7. On Inverse Optimal Adaptive Designs for Tracking Control of Ships with Exogenous Disturbances, halaman 129-134
  8. Dynamic walking Stability of young and Elderly People using 3D portable acceleration Measuring System, halaman 135-140
  9. Sub-optimality Analysis of Mobile Robot Rolling Path Planning, halaman 150-155
  10. A Method of Modeling of Traffic System Using Modal Logic, halaman 162-167
  11. Repetitive Control Design for Linear Systems with Time-Varying Uncertainties, halaman 168-173
  12. Decentralized Robust Controller Design for Large-scale Systems with Uncertainties, halaman 174-179
  13. Robust Stabilization Subject to Control Constraints for Uncertain Linear Systems, halaman 180-185
  14. Robust Stabilization for a Class of Adaptive Control Systems with Multiple Time Delays, halaman 186-191
  15. Robust Control of Populaton Dynamical Systems, halaman 192-196
  16. Active Vibration Suppression of Flexible Structures Robust Gain-Scheduled Control Approach, halaman 197-202
  17. Enhancing Neural Network Electricity Load Forecast with Wavelet Techniques, halaman 203-208
  18. Fuzzy Modeling and Control for Dynamic Positioning Systems of Ships, halaman 209-214
  19. Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Controller Design of MIMO Nonlinear Systems, halaman 215-219
  20. Identification and Computer Control of a Fermentor using Neural Networks, halaman 220-224
  21. Function for Classification and Nonlinear Time-Series Prediction, halaman 226-231
  22. GA-Based Approach to Design a Class of Discrete T-S Fuzzy Controllers, halaman 232-237
  23. Self-Tuning Pi Controller For Multivariable Systems With Uncertain Time-Delays, halaman 238-243
  24. Exact Analytical Expressions for Relay Feed Back Responses - Second Order Plus Dead Time Processes, halaman 250-255
  25. Iterative Feedback Tuning and an Application to Wastewater Treatment Plant, halaman 256-261
  26. PID Regulator Tuning For Nonlinear Actuators And Sensors, halaman 262-267
  27. Optimal Tuning Of Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Pd Controllers, halaman 268-273
  28. Nonlinear Separation Model and Control for a Complex Process Realized by Conventional PID Controller Hardware, halaman 274-282
  29. Nonlinear Quadratic Gaussian Adaptive Control for Closed–Loop Systems, halaman 280-285
  30. Neural Control of Pure-Feedback Systems, halaman 286-291
  31. Algorithms of control of nonlinear systems with uncertainties, halaman 292-296
  32. A Unified Approach to Implement Nonlinear Controllers Based on Neurofuzzy Networks, halaman 297-302
  33. Adaptive PI Postoperative Blood Pressure Control, halaman 319-322
  34. Fuzzy Adaptive Position Control of Brushless DC Motors with Spiral Vector, halaman 323-328
  35. H8-Control for T-S Fuzzy Descriptor Systems: LMI Approaches, halaman 329-334
  36. Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Mobile Robots, halaman 335-340
  37. Pattern-Based Control for Product Purity in ETBE Reactive Distillation, halaman 347-352
  38. Genetic Algorithm with Two Iterative Searching Stages for Fuzzy Controller Design, halaman 353-357
  39. Dynamic Programming on Clusters for Solving Control Problems, halaman 358-363
  40. Stochastic Optimal Control Design for Sampled-Data Systems Under Erlang-Distributed Observations , halaman 364-369
  41. A Minimax Controller Design for Constrained Systems, halaman 370-373
  42. Lyapunov Equation With Positive Definite Solution For Descriptor Systems, halaman 385-389
  43. Integrated Controller Design of Electric Motorcycles under Energy Management, halaman 390-395
  44. Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller with Self-Tuning Input Scaling Factors, halaman 396-401
  45. Self-Segmentation of Sequences Algorithm with Eligibility Traces in POMDPs, halaman 408-413
  46. Laser Manipulation System for Automatic Control of Microscopic Particles, halaman 414-419
  47. Learning of Contact Motion Using a Neural Network and Its Application for Force Control, halaman 420-424
  48. Bilinear Optimal Control of Semi-active Suspension with ER Damper, halaman 430-433
  49. Design of Predictor-Based Integral Controllers via LTR for Plant Output Side, halaman 477-482
  50. Multivariable Direct Adaptive Decoupling Controller Using Multiple Models, halaman 489-494
  51. Relation between IMC Parametrization and Generalized Stabilizer, halaman 495-500
  52. Robust Adaptive Control for Nonlinear Systems with Non-parametric Uncertainties, halaman 501-505
  53. Auto-Tuning for Strongly Stable Adaptive Pole Placement Control System, halaman 507-512
  54. Adaptive Robust State Feedback Controllers for a Class of Uncertain Dynamical Systems with Unknown Bounds of Uncertainties, halaman 513-518
  55. The Model-Free Direct Adaptive Predictive Control For A Class Of Discrete-Time Nonlinear System, halaman 519-524
  56. An FD Approach For Sampled-Data Systems Based On Parametric Transfer Functions, halaman 525-530
  57. Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Affine System with Disturbances in the Canal of Measurement, halaman 531-536
  58. Two-Time Scale Control of a High Speed Planar Parallel Manipulator With Structural Flexibility, halaman 543-548
  59. Development of Multi-Client Robot Control Through The Internert, halaman 549-554
  60. Dynamics and Control of a Vehicle with Expanding Wheels Using Differential Flatness, halaman 555-559
  61. Stabilization of Unstable Periodic Motions in Parallel-Type Double Inverted Pendulum, halaman 567-571
  62. Real-time Robust H8 Speed Control for a PM Synchronous Motor, halaman 572-578
  63. A New Fractional Interpolation Based Smoothing Scheme for Variable Structure Control, halaman 602-607
  64. Modeling of Continually Stirred Tank Heater With ANNs Using Successive Over- Relaxation Backpropagation Algorithm, halaman 614-617
  65. Modeling of River Discharges using Neural Networks with Structure Determined by Support Vectors, halaman 618-623
  66. Design of a Mixed-Type Fuzzy Logic Controller by Computing with Words, halaman 627-631
  67. An Adaptive Identification and Control Scheme Based on Direction Basis Function Neural Network, halaman 632-636
  68. Exact state-space correspondence to GPC: observer eigenvalue locations, halaman 637-641
  69. Control of The Time Delay Systems Based on Elman Network and Smith Predictor, halaman 642-646
  70. Multivariable State-space Adaptive Predictive Control of a Turbogenerator Using Bilinear Models, halaman 653-657
  71. Cross-Coupled Generalized Predictive Control With Reference Models, halaman 658-663
  72. Study of the Influence of Prefiltering on the Robustness of GPC with Structured Perturbations, halaman 664-669
  73. Robust stabilizing control methods for singularly perturbed discrete bilinear systems, halaman 670-675
  74. An Alternative Nonlinear Observer–DESO, halaman 682-686
  75. Nonlinear Control of Rotary Cranes, halaman 687-692
  76. Global Robust Stabilization of MIMO Nonlinear High-Order Systems, halaman 700-703
  77. Identification of Hammerstein Models to minimize the H8 Norm of the Mismatch Error, halaman 704-707
  78. Quasi-Deadbeat Guaranteed H1 Estimation for Deterministic Generic Linear Models, halaman 708-712
  79. Closed-loop Identification Of Nonlinear Unstable Plants And Its Application To Magnetic Levitation System, halaman 713-718
  80. Hierarchical Structure of Multi-Agent Control Systems, halaman 725-728
  81. Information Structure Consideration for Decentralized Large-Scale System, halaman 729-734
  83. A Solution to the Directional Interpolation Problem with a Norm Constraint Interpolating Transfer Functions with Unstable Poles, halaman 741-746
  84. Efficient Eigenvalue Assignment for Linear Time-Varying Systems via Ackermann-like Formula, halaman 747-752
  85. Control Structure Of All Stabilizing Repetitive Controllers For Non-Minimum Phase Systems, halaman 753-758
  86. On Approximation Errors of Automatic Choosing Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Single Input, halaman 765-770
  87. Static Output Feedback Control for a class of Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Parameters, halaman 777-780
  88. Imaging Through Scattering Media With Lens And A Spatial Filter: System Resolution And Signal To Noise Ratio, halaman 791-796
  89. Phase-conditionally Stable Systems, halaman 797-801
  91. Study on the Application of Auto-Associative Neural Network in Sensor Validation for Water Treatment Plant, halaman 812-817
  92. The Real-Time Detection of City Traffic Condition in Traffic Control Based on GPS, halaman 822-825
  93. A Method for Trajectory Optimization of a Spacecraft Flying in the Atmosphere, halaman 863-868
  94. A GA-based Method for Time-Optimal Control of Flexible Slewing Structure, halaman 875-880
  95. Optimal Attitude Stabilization of Spacecraft Using Minimal Kinematic Parameters, halaman 881-885
  96. Pareto Optimal Strategy of Linear Multiparameter Singularly Perturbed Systems, halaman 886-891
  97. Optimal Control of Nonlinear Descriptor Systems, halaman 892-896
  98. A New Predictor for a Kind of Nonlinear System, halaman 897-899
  99. A New Predictor for a Kind of Nonlinear System, halaman 897-899
  100. H1 Identification of Human Operator in Control System { In the Case of Leg Operation }, halaman 906-911
  101. Prediction and Control of Rolling Quality by Just-in-time Method, halaman 922-927
  102. Road Boundary Detection for ALV Based on Edge Information and Region Information, halaman 934-397
  103. An Efficient Module-Base Off-Line Programming for a Robot Welding of Panel Blocks, halaman 938-944
  104. Real Time 3d Object Recognition For Automation Robots, halaman 944-947
  105. Experimental Evaluation of Command Shaping Techniques for Vibration Control of a Flexible Manipulator, halaman 948-953
  106. Robust stability of some oscillatory systems including time-varying delay with applications in congestion control, halaman 960-965
  107. Robust Servo System With Adaptive Compensation Input For Linear Uncertain Systems, halaman 972-977
  108. A Dynamic Feedback Linearization Controller for Three Dimensional Control of the RTG Crane, halaman 978-983
  109. Theoretical Performance/Robustness Limits For Linear SISO Control Systems, halaman 984-989
  110. Robust Sliding-Mode Control for Nonlinear Flexible Arm Via Neural Network, halaman 996-1001
  111. A New Fuzzy Sliding Mode Approach to the Control of Cascade Nonlinear Systems with Bounded Inputs, halaman 1002-1006
  112. The Application of Neural Network PID Controller in the Oil-Water Separation Device of Oil Field, halaman 1008-1010
  113. The Application of Neural Network PID Controller in the Oil-Water Separation Device of Oil Field, halaman 1008-1010
  114. Fuzzy Clustering Approach Using Data Fusion Theory for Automatic Isolated Word Recognition, halaman 1011-1016
  115. The Design of Fuzzy Controllers using Space-Filling Curves, halaman 1017-1021
  116. Discrete Fuzzy Perturbed Stochastic Systems via Upper Bound Covariance Control, halaman 1022-1027
  117. The Generic Control Structure Of Wastewater Treatment Systems, halaman 1028-1033
  118. Control Structure Design for Heat Integrated Reactors, halaman 1034-1039
  119. Generalized Generic Model Control, halaman 1040-1045
  120. Modeling of BZ Reaction under State-dependent Noise and Simulation Studies, halaman 1058-1063
  121. I/O Linearization Based Robust Control of MIMO Nonlinear Uncertain Systems, halaman 1070-1075
  122. Differential algebraic approach based controller design of nonlinear processes, halaman 1076-1080
  123. Global Stabilization of a class of Nonlinear Systems by Output Feedback, halaman 1081-1083
  124. Feedback Stabilization Of Driftless System By Norm-Bounded Input, halaman 1085-1089
  125. Local Stabilizability Of Non-Linear Stochastic Systems With State And Control-Dependent Noise, halaman 1089-1092
  126. Robustness of Linear Systems with Delayed Nonlinear Perturbations, halaman 1093-1096
  127. Dynamic Boundary Controls of a Rotating Body-Beam System With a Nonconstant Angular Velocity, halaman 1103-1108
  128. Sliding Mode Control for a Reaction Wheel Pendulum, halaman 1109-1112
  129. Modeling of a Large PHWR with Feedback of Fuel and Coolant Temperatures, halaman 1113-1118
  130. Direct Descent Curvature Optimal Control With A Modification Algorithm And Its Application To A Nonlinear Process ASCC2002 Papers, halaman 1125-1130
  131. Direct Descent Curvature Optimal Control With A Modification Algorithm And Its Application To A Nonlinear Process ASCC2002 Papers, halaman 1125-1130
  132. Direct Descent Curvature Optimal Control With A Modification Algorithm And Its Application To A Nonlinear Process ASCC2002 Papers, halaman 1125-1130
  133. Hybrid Dynamic Plant Performance Analysis Supported by Extensions to the Petri Net Library in Modelica, halaman 1131-1136
  134. Handstand Performance Of Acrobot Using Fuzzy Model Based Control, halaman 1143-1148
  135. Time-Domain Performance Limitations with Hard Limits on Control Activity, halaman 1189-1192
  136. Multirate Design of Optimal Preview Servomechanism for Discrete-Time Systems, halaman 1195-1200
  137. An LMI Formulation For Optimal Control Via Piecewise Linear Approximations, halaman 1201-1206
  138. Control Design For Constrained Discrete-Time Servo System, halaman 1213-1217
  139. Blind Identification Algorithms by Oblique Projection, halaman 1236-1241
  140. Recursive Identification Of Physical Parameters In A Flexible Robot Arm, halaman 1242-1247
  141. Modeling and Frequency Domain Identification of the Head-Neck Complex, halaman 1248-1253
  142. A New Identification Approach for Discrete Systems, halaman 1254-1259
  143. Simulation of Nonlinear Control Approximated to Human Operation for Robot Manipulator, halaman 1260-1263
  144. Sliding Mode Control with Fuzzy Adaptive Perturbation Compensator for 6-DOF Parallel Manipulator, halaman 1264-1269
  145. Application of Small-gain Theorem in Dead-time Compensation of Voltage Source Inverter drives, halaman 1270-1272
  146. Environment Exploration with Multiple Mobile Robots, halaman 1285-1289
  147. Mean Square Stabilisability of Communication-Limited Stochastic Linear Systems, halaman 1290-1295
  148. Vibration Control Of A Smart Structure Flexible Cantilever Beam Using Periodic Output Feedback Control Technique, halaman 1302-1307
  149. PI-observer-based Effect-variable Reconstruction, halaman 1308-1313
  150. Analog Fuzzy Controller Circuit Design For Control Applications, halaman 1338-1343
  151. Analog Fuzzy Controller Circuit Design For Control Applications, halaman 1338-1343
  152. Stability Analysis of Discretizing Continuous-Time Controllers via Fuzzy Logic Control Systems, halaman 1344-1349
  153. Comparative Study of Compensating Schemes for Robotic Manipulators, halaman 1350-1355
  154. Fuzzy Controller Design Using VHDL-Based Synthesis on CPLD for Control Applications, halaman 1356-1361
  155. Fault Diagnosis of LTI Systems in the Frequency Domain, halaman 1362-1366
  156. Model-based Fault Detection and Diagnosis using Parameter Estimation and Fuzzy Inference, halaman 1373-1378
  157. Neurofuzzy Based on PLC Controllers With Parallel Processing for fault Location of the Distribution Line, halaman 1379-1382
  158. Fault Diagnosis of Stochastic Systems by Minimizing Residuals Uncertainty, halaman 1383-1388
  159. Application of Discrete Models to Hydraulic Circuits Diagnostic, halaman 1389-1393
  160. Advanced Control in Freelance 2000 with Online Interface to Matlab/Simulink, halaman 1400-1405
  161. The Control Engineering Education using an Advanced Control Training System by mean of integrating MATLAB software and Experimental Systems, halaman 1406-1411
  162. Optimal Control Course Supported by Matlab/Simulink Exercises, halaman 1412-1417
  163. Verification of Decentralized Control Using Simple Self-Tuning Controllers in Real Time Conditions, halaman 1418-1423
  164. Implementation of Web-Based Monitoring and Control System of a Process Mini-Plant, halaman 1424-1428
  165. Research of Design Automatization and Real-time Simulation on Control Systems, halaman 1429-1421
  166. A Comparison of Optimal Control Strategies for a Toy Helicopter, halaman 1432-1437
  167. On Stability of Simplified Passive Walker Model and Effect of Feedback Control, halaman 1444-1449
  168. Robot Manipulator Control Using Sliding Mode With Time-Varying Sliding Surface, halaman 1449-1454
  169. Moving Target Tracking with Uncalibrated, halaman 1450-1454
  170. Time-varying parameter estimation using new LMS algorithm, halaman 1455-1460
  171. Nonlinear Robust Predictive Mean Control of Bounded Dynamic Stochastic Systems, halaman 1461-1466
  172. Vision Based 3D Model Calibration for Articulated Objects, halaman 1467-1470
  173. Synthesis Based on Extreme Point Results: Stabilization of an Edge, halaman 1471-1476
  174. Robustness Analysis of Nonlinear Systems with Time Delay: A Small Gain Approach, halaman 1477-1481
  175. Experimental Study of a Robust Semi-Active Suspension System, halaman 1488-1491
  176. Model Predictive Approach to Disturbance Rejection in Idle Speed Control, halaman 1492-1497
  177. Motion Control System for 2 Wheels Independently Driven Vehicle, halaman 1498-1501
  178. A Novel Control-Theoretic Adaptive Streaming Approach for Stored Video, halaman 1508-1513
  179. On the Application of Control Theory to Quality Management System, halaman 1514-1517
  180. A Design Method Of Bilateral Control Of Teleoperators Simultaneous Stabilization Approach-, halaman 1524-1529
  181. H8-Robustness Properties Preservation in SISO Systems when applying SPR Substitutions, halaman 1530-1535
  182. Optimal Control And Robust Stabilization Of Multi-rate Hybrid Systems, halaman 1536-1541
  183. Control of Internet Telerobotics Using Master-Slave Configuration, halaman 1542-1546
  184. Task-Based Optimal Design of a Stewart-Platform Manipulator: A New Rolling Mill, halaman 1547-1552
  185. Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for Optimal Parametric Synthesis, halaman 1573-1577
  186. A Discrete Method for Time-Optimal Path-Planning of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators, halaman 1578-1583
  187. A New Iterative Algorithm For The Mixed H2/H8 Control Problem With State Feedback, halaman 1584-1589
  188. H2 Controller Design for Networked Control System, halaman 1590-1595
  189. Optimal Flow Control in Multirate Multicast Networks, halaman 1596-1601
  190. Non-Zero-Sum Linear Quadratic Dynamic Game with Descriptor Systems, halaman 1602-1607
  191. Piecewise Smooth Switching Control Algorithms for Chained Systems, halaman 1604-1069
  192. Bond-Graph Modeling of the Air-Conditioning System, halaman 1608-1613
  193. A Modeling of Refuge Behavior for a Crowd with Multiple Dynamic Characteristics, halaman 1626-1629
  194. Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robot by Using Ultrasonic Visualization System, halaman 1660-1663
  195. Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear Systems with a Soft Switching Strategy in the Boundary Layer, halaman 1664-1671
  196. A Modification To Zeroth Order Phase Locked Loop, halaman 1676-1679
  197. Covariance Control for Uncertain Descriptor Systems, halaman 1680-1685
  198. Regional Stability and Stabilization for Descriptor Systems, halaman 1686-1691
  199. A Conveyer Belt Model Of Discrete-Time Varying Delay, halaman 1692-1697
  200. Structural Decomposition of Single-Input and Single-Output Singular Systems, halaman 1698-1703
  201. Realizable Class of Transfer Function Matrices with Characteristic Polynomial, halaman 1704-1707
  202. Genetic Algorithm and Extension Controller Design of Over-load Prevention System for a Truck Crane, halaman 1712-1717
  203. Evolutionary Computation Approach to Hammerstein Model Identification, halaman 1730-1735
  204. On-line Identification of Continuous-time Nonlinear Systems Using Radial Basis Function Networks and Genetic Algorithm, halaman 1736-1740
  205. Designing Internet-based Control Systems for Process Plants, halaman 1746-1751
  206. Modeling a complex hybrid system, halaman 1752-1755
  207. Analysis of Control Systems with Input Constraints Using Piecewise Quadratic Storage Functions, halaman 1756-1760
  208. Hybrid Fuzzy Control of a Pole-Balancing Robot, halaman 1762-1767
  209. A Web-based Sequential Controller, halaman 1768-1773
  210. Weighting Matrices Selection of Derivative State Constrained Control by CDM, halaman 1774-1779
  211. A New Tension Control Method for Hot Strip Mill Based on CDM, halaman 1780-1784
  212. Robust Position Control Of A Radar Antenna With The Coefficient Diagram Method, halaman 1785-1790
  213. On The Control Of Some Nonlinear Systems With The Coefficient Diagram Method, halaman 1791-1796
  214. Synchronizing Control of Time-varing Chaotic Systems, halaman 1797-1798
  215. Preprocessing Scheme forStable Cascaded GPS/INS Integration System, halaman 1810-1815
  216. Rule Based Control Strategies For Diabetes Mellitus, halaman 1822-1827
  217. Control Challenge in Semiconductor Packaging, halaman 1828-1833
  218. High-speed Planes Detection Based on 3-Dimentional Hough Transform in DSP, halaman 1855-1858
  219. The Development Of Battery Performance Automation With LabVIEW, halaman 1859-1863
  220. Research On Economic Operation Decision Support System In Thermal Power Plant, halaman 1864-1868
  221. 3-DOF Adaptive Attitude Control of a Model Helicopter through Fuzzy-PID Control Approach, halaman 1869-1873
  222. Closed-loop Automatic Tuning of PID Controller for Nonlinear Systems, halaman 1874-1879
  223. Closed-loop Automatic Tuning of PID Controller for Nonlinear Systems, halaman 1874-1879
  224. for scheduling of preemptible periodic tasks in the context, halaman 1904-1909
  225. Merged DSP Microcontroller Using Reconfigurable Execution Core, halaman 1910-1915
  226. Design of Power System Stabilizer for Multi-Machine System using Fast Output Sampling Feedback Controller, halaman 1916-1921
  227. Design of Power System Stabilizer for Multi-Machine System using Fast Output Sampling Feedback Controller, halaman 1916-1921
  228. Robust Longitudinal Flight Control Design Using Parameter-Varying Control, halaman 1922-1927
  229. Computation of Min and Max Transition Times in Automata Representing Disctete-Event-Observed Continuous, Monotone Plants, halaman 1928-1933
  230. The Design of Multi-Agent Fieldbus Measurement and Control System Based on Agent Theory, halaman 1934-1938
  231. Generalized Nyquist Stability Criterion in Linear Continuous-Time Periodic Systems, halaman 1939-1944
  232. Stochastic Simulation of Variable-Structure Hybrid Models for Worst-Case Analyses, halaman 1975-1980
  233. MATLAB Based GUIs for MIMO Linear Controller Design, halaman 1981-1986
  234. A Simple Existence Condition for Limit Cycles of Relay Feedback Systems, halaman 1987-1990
  235. Modeling and Simulation Using Block-oriented and Object-oriented Software Tools for Desalination Plants, halaman 1991-1996
  236. Critical System Design for Control of a Building under Earthquake Excitation, halaman 1997-2001
  237. Distillation Control, Computer Simulation, Multivariable System, Interactions, Decoupling Controller, halaman 2002-2007
  238. Optimal FIR Approximation for Discrete-Time IIR Filters, halaman 2008-2013
  239. Blind Separation of Instantaneous Mixed Gaussian Sources via Parallel Genetic Algorithms, halaman 2014-2019
  240. Identification of FIR Systems with Color Noise, halaman 2020-2025
  241. Transmit Pulse Design With Implementation Error And Channel Parameter Uncertainty, halaman 2030-2033
  242. Automatic Facial Feature Extraction in Color Images using Color Snake, halaman 2034-2039
  243. Attitude Determination of a Nanosatellite Using a Magnetometer, halaman 2046-2050
  244. An Experimental Study on Attitude Control of Spacecraft Using Two Axes Rotational Simulator with a Flexible Arm, halaman 2051-2056
  245. Optimal 2-dimensional Evasive Maneuver for ASM in ASM-CIWS Engagement, halaman 2057-2012
  246. Non-Ditching Vertical Homing Guidance for Sea Skimming Missiles, halaman 2069-2073
  247. On Interference Phenomena in Stability of Linear Systems with Multiple Delays, halaman 2075-2080
  248. Another Set of Newly Generated Schur Interval Polynomials Based on a Given Schur Interval Polynomial, halaman 2081-2084
  249. BIBO Stability of a Class of 2-D Nonlinear Systems, halaman 2092-2094
  250. Some Remarks on the Wave Transformation Approach for Telemanipulators with Time-varying Distributed Delay, halaman 2095-2098
  251. Proportional-Integral Sliding Mode Control for Mismatched Uncertain Systems, halaman 2099-2102
  252. An Efficient Automated Learning of Qualitative Process Models, halaman 2107-2111
  253. Assessment of Controller Performance: A Relay Feedback Approach, halaman 2112-2117
  254. On Complexity Dificulty And Proficiency of Robot Behaviors in Intelligent Composite Motion Control, halaman 2118-2123
  255. Iteration varying filters in Iterative Learning Control, halaman 2124-2129
  256. Analysis on an On-Line Iterative Correction Control Law for Visual Tracking, halaman 2130-2134
  257. Digital Redesign Technique for Multi-Loop Continuous-Time Control Systems and its Application to a Ball-on-Beam Control System, halaman 2134-2139
  258. Improving PID Controller Disturbance Rejection by Means of Magnitude Optimum, halaman 2140-2145
  259. The Design and Analysis On Nonlinear Scaling Factors Of Fuzzy Controller, halaman 2168-2173
  260. Multidimensional Wavelet Networks based on a Tensor Product Structure, halaman 2174-2179
  261. Active Noise Control Inside 3d Enclosure Using Recurrent Neural Networks, halaman 2180-2185
  262. Amplitude Dependent Stability Analysis and Design for Discretized Nonlinear Control Systems, halaman 2186-2191
  263. Nonlinear Output Feedback Backstepping Design with Uncertain Integrators, halaman 2192-2197

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