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JurnalJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering vol. 130 no. 1 (Feb. 2008)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1087-1357    Year:: 2008    Bulan: 02    Edisi: Feb 2008    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Analytical and Thermal Modelling of High-Speed Machining With Chamfered Tools, halaman 1-15
  2. Experimental Study of the Dry and Near-Dry Electrical Discharge Milling Processes, halaman 1-9
  3. A New Algorithm for the Numerical Simulation of Machined Surface Topography in Mutiaxis Ball-End Milling, halaman 1-11
  4. Effect of Laser Preheating the Workpiece on Micro end Milling of Metals, halaman 1-9
  5. Virtual Five-Axis Flank Milling of Jet Engine Impellers-PartI: Mechanics of Five-Axis Flank Milling, halaman 1-11
  6. On Eccentric Tube Nosing, halaman 1-8
  7. A Combined Finite Element and Finite Difference Analysis of Cold Flat Rolling, halaman 1-6
  8. Plastic Deformation in Silicon Crystal Induced by Heat-Assisted Laser Shock Peening, halaman 1-5
  9. Inspecting Profile Errors of Conjugate Disk Cams With Coordinate Measurement, halaman 1-9
  10. Substructure Coupling of Microend Mills to Aid in the Suppression of Chatter, halaman 1-12
  11. Offset Slices for Multi Direction Layered Deposition, halaman 1-12
  12. Analysis of the Sawing Process With Abrasive Circular Saw Blades, halaman 1-15
  13. Virtual Five-Axis Flank Milling of Jet Engine Impellers-Part II: Feed Rate Optimization of Five-Axis Flank Milling, halaman 1-13
  14. Multiple Fault Diagnosis ethod in Multistation Assembly Processes Using Orthogonal Diagonalization Analysis, halaman 1-10
  15. Orientation Capability, error Analysis, and Dimensional Optimization of Two Articulated Tool Heads With Parallel Kinematics, halaman 1-9
  16. Numerical Analysis of Roll Deflection for Sendzimir Mill, halaman 1-7
  17. Nonlinear Feed Effect in Machining Chatter Analysis, halaman 1-8
  18. An Application of Physics-Based and Artificial Neural Networks-based Hybrid Temperature Prediction Schemes in a Hot Strip Mill, halaman 1-5
  19. A New Model to Calculate Friction Coefficients and Shear Stresses in Thermal Drilling, halaman 1-4

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