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JurnalJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering vol. 129 no. 3 (Jun. 2007)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1087-1357    Year:: 2007    Bulan: 06    Edisi: Jun 2007    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Model-Based Analysis of The Surface Generation in Microendmilling - Part I : Model Development, halaman 453-460
  2. Model-Based Analysis of The Surface Generation in Microendmilling-Part II : Experimental Validation and Analysis, halaman 461-469
  3. Modeling of The Size Effects on The Behavior of Metals in Microscale Deformation Processes, halaman 470-476
  4. Modeling Cutting : Plastic Deformation of Polymer Samples Indented With A Wedge, halaman 477-484
  5. Response of Thin Films and Substrate to Micro-Scale Laser Shock Peening, halaman 485-496
  6. Ultrasonic Cavitation Based Nanomanufacturing of Bulk Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites, halaman 497-501
  7. Lapping of Electrical Discharge Machining Processed Tool Steel Surface Using Elliptical Tool Motion, halaman 502-512
  8. Predictive Modeling of Flank Wear in Turning Under Flood Cooling, halaman 513-519
  9. Investigation to Study The Applicability of Solid Lubricant in Turning AISI 1040 Steel, halaman 520-526
  10. Modeling and Prediction of Cutting Noise in The Face-Milling Process, halaman 527-530
  11. Thermo-Mechanical Finite Element Modeling of The Friction Drilling Process, halaman 531-538
  12. A Time Domain Dynamic Simulation Model for Stability Prediction of Infeed Centerless Grinding Processes, halaman 539-550
  13. Reconfigurable Pin-Type Tooling : A Survey of Prior Art and Reduction to Practice, halaman 551-565
  14. Virtual Clay : An Enhanced Marching Cubes Algorithm for In-Process Geometry Modeling, halaman 566-574
  15. Three-Dimensional Modeling of Laser Sintering of A Two-Component Metal Powder Layer on Top of Sintered Layers, halaman 575-582
  16. Laser Direct-Part Marking of Data Matrix Symbols on Carbon Steel Substrates, halaman 583-591
  17. The Effect of Nonconventional Laser Beam Geometries on Stress Distribution and Distortions in Laser Bending of Tubes, halaman 592-600
  18. Surface Modification and Fatigue Behavior of High-Pressure Oil Jet-Peened Medium Carbon Steel, AISI 1040, halaman 601-606
  19. Finite Element Simulation of Magnesium Extrusion to Manufacture A Cross-Shaped Profile, halaman 607-614
  20. Variation Simulation of Sheet Metal Assemblies Using The Method of Influence Coefficients With Contact Modeling, halaman 615-622
  21. A Dynamic Sensing-and-Modeling Approach to Three-Dimensional Point- and Area-Sensor Integration, halaman 623-635
  22. A Technique for Enhancing Machine Tool Accuracy by Transferring The Metrology Reference From The Machine Tool to The Workpiece, halaman 636-643
  23. Using Error Equivalence Concept to Automatically Adjust Discrete Manufacturing Processes for Dimensional Variation Control, halaman 644-652
  24. Supervisory Factory Control Based on Real-Time Production Feedback, halaman 653-660
  25. Maintenance Opportunity Planning System, halaman 661-668

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