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JurnalJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering vol. 128 no. 2 (Mei 2006)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1087-1357    Year:: 2006    Bulan: Mei    Edisi: May 2006    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Wheel Regenerative Chatter of Surface Grinding, halaman 393-403
  2. A Time-Domain Dynamic Model for Chatter Prediction of Cyclindrical Plunge Grinding Processes, halaman 404-415
  3. Modeling of Cutting Temperature in Near Dry Machining, halaman 416-424
  4. Thermal Modeling for Laser-Assisted Machining of Silicon Nitride Ceramics with Complex Features, halaman 425-434
  5. Predictive Analytical and Thermal Modeling of Orthogonal Cutting Process-Part I : Predictions of Tool Forces, Stresses and Temperature Distibutions, halaman 435-444
  6. Predictive Analytical and Thermal Modeling of Orthogonal Cutting Process-Part II : Effect of Tool Flank Wear on Tool Forces, Stresses and Temperature Distributions, halaman 445-453
  7. Machinability Analysis for 3-Axis Flat End Milling, halaman 454-464
  8. Experimental Investigation of The Machinability of Polycarbonate Reinforced With Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes, halaman 465-473
  9. An Analytical Model for The Prediction of Minimum Chip Thickness in Micromachining, halaman 474-481
  10. Analysis and Optimal Design of Fixture Clamping Sequence, halaman 482-493
  11. Dynamic and Compliant Characteristics of A Cartesian-Guided Tripod Machine, halaman 494-502
  12. A New Method for Measuring Straightness and Yawing Motion Errors of A Linear Slide, halaman 503-512
  13. A Hybrid Methodology for Kinematic Calibration of Micro/Meso-Scale Machine Tools (nMTs), halaman 513-522
  14. Surface Feature Identification Using A Vision-Based Manifold for Robotic Demanufacturing, halaman 523-530
  15. Selective Laser Sintering Process Optimization for Layered Manufacturing of CAPA (r) 6501 Polycaprolactone Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds, halaman 531-540
  16. The Investigation of Gravity-Driven Metal Powder Flow in Coaxial Nozzle for Laser-Aided Direct Metal Deposition Process, halaman 541-553
  17. Investigation of Interface Agent for Investment Casting With Ice Patterns, halaman 554-562
  18. Product Cost Estimation : Technique Classification and Methodology Review, halaman 563-575
  19. A Prediction Model of The Adhesive Coating Thickness on A Space Solar Cell, halaman 576-579
  20. A New Self-Piercing Riveting Process and Strength Evaluation, halaman 580-587
  21. Approaches for Model Validation : Methodology and Illustration on A Sheet Metal Flanging Proess, halaman 588-597
  22. Tube Bending Under Axial Force and Internal Pressure, halaman 598-605
  23. Technical Brief : Experimental Tool Temperature Distributions in Oblique and Orthogonal Cutting Using Chip Breaker Geometry Inserts, halaman 606-610

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