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JurnalBritish Journal of Educational Psychology vol. 61 no. 01 (Feb. 1991)
Topik: B13; Psychology Educational; Psikologi Pendidikan; Psychology
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0007-0998    Year:: 1991    Bulan: 02    Edisi: Februari 1991    
Penerbit: The British Psychological Society
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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    • Nomor Panggil: B13
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Achievement Motivation, Educational Attainment, Cycles of Disadvantage : Some Longitudinal Data, halaman 1-12
  2. A Behavioural Method of Increasing Self - Condition in Elementary School Children : Treatment and Modelling Results, halaman 13-18
  3. The Influence of Reading Activity at Home An Students' Attitudes Towards Reading, Classroom Attentiveness and Reading Achievement : An Application of structural equation modelling, halaman 19-35
  4. A Longitudinal Study of Burnout in Teachers, halaman 36-45
  5. Strategies for Answering Examination Essay Questions : Is it Helpful to Write a Plan?, halaman 46-54
  6. Problem - Solving Subgroups as A Measure of Intellectual Giftedness, halaman 55-72
  7. Children's Writing at 7 Years : Associations With Hand Writing on School Entry and Pre - School Entry and Pre - School Factors, halaman 73-84
  8. The Effects of Coaching on 11+ Scores, halaman 85-91
  9. Assessing School - Related Stressors and Coping Mechanism in Adolescents, halaman 92-98
  10. Gender - Perception of School Subjects Among 10 - 11 Years - Old, halaman 99-103
  11. Reasoning With Raven - In and Out of Context, halaman 129-138
  12. Identification of A Group of Children With Dyslexia by Means of IQ - Achievement Discrepancies, halaman 139-154
  13. The 'Stability' of Identification of Under Achieving Readers Over Different Measures of Intelligence and Reading, halaman 155-163
  14. Awareness of Phenomes and Alphabetic Literacy Acquisition, halaman 164-173
  15. Teaching Thinking in Europe, halaman 174-186
  16. Academic Self - Concept, Accuracy of Perceived Ability and Academic Attainment, halaman 187-196
  17. Teachers' Perceptions of Their Students' Meta Cognition, Attributions, and Self - Concept, halaman 197-206
  18. Teachers' Views About Creativity, halaman 207-219
  19. The Dependability of Indirect Ratings of Classroom Behaviour, halaman 220-225
  20. A Note of Caution Concerning The Neale Analysis of Reading Ability (Revised), halaman 226-229
  21. Processing Attention and Question Density in Computer - Based Instruction, halaman 230-232
  22. Stability and Change in Affective Characteristics of Teacher : Can Computer Environment Make A Difference, halaman 233-239
  23. Evaluation of The Teaching of Statistical Concepts by Interactive Experience With Monte Carlo Simulations, halaman 240-264
  24. Relating Approaches to Study and Quality of Learning Outcomes at The Course Level, halaman 265-275
  25. Understanding of Understanding : Implications for Learning and Teaching, halaman 276-289
  26. Cognitive Strategies and Study Habits : An Analysis of The Measurement of Tertiary Students' Learning, halaman 290-299
  27. What Children's Temperature Predictions Reveal of Their Understanding of Temperature, halaman 300-309
  28. The Interplay of Knowledge and Abilities in The Processing of Text, halaman 310-318
  29. Statistics and Mathematics Anxiety in Social Science Students : Some Interesting Parallels, halaman 319-328
  30. The Assessment of Movement Skill Problems in 7 and 9 Year - Old Children, halaman 329-345
  31. Acceptability of Alternative Treatments for School Refusal : Evaluation by Students, Caregivers, and Proffesionals, halaman 346-354
  32. Children With Mild Learning Difficulties in An Integrated and in A Special School : Comparisons of Behaviour, Teaching and Teachers' Attitudes, halaman 355-372

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