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JurnalJournal of Marriage and the Family vol. 54 no. 02 (May 1992)
Topik: J43; Remaja; Perkawinan; Keluarga; Perawatan Anak; Perilaku Seksual
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0022-2445    Year:: 1992    Bulan: 05    Edisi: Mei 1992    
Penerbit: The National Council on Family Relations
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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    • Nomor Panggil: J43
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Cohabitation and Marital Stability: Quality or Commitment?, halaman 259-267
  2. Informal Unions Among Mainland Puerto Ricans: Cohabitation or an Alternative to Legal Marriage?, halaman 269-280
  3. First Unions and the Stability of First Marriages, halaman 281-284
  4. The Polygyny-Divorce Relationship: A Case Study of Nigeria, halaman 285-292
  5. Personal Well-Being, Kinship Tie, and Mother- Infant and Father-Infant Interactions in Single-Wage and Dual-Wage Families in New Delhi, India, halaman 293-301
  6. Educational Expansion and Changes in Women's Entry into Marriage and Motherhood in the Federal Republic of Germany, halaman 302-315
  7. Marital Relations and Combat Stress Reaction: The Wives' Perspective, halaman 316-326
  8. The Effect of Divorce on Suicide in Japan: A Time Series Analysis, 1950-1980, halaman 327-334
  9. Sex Differences in the Accuracy of Recall of Witnesses of Portrayed Dyadic Violence, halaman 335-345
  10. Verbal/Symbolic Aggression in Couples: Incidence Rates and Relationships to Personal Characteristics, halaman 346-357
  11. Men's Multiple Roles and Their Relationship to Men's Psychological Distress, halaman 358-367
  12. Family Structure, Gender, and Parental Socialization, halaman 368-378
  13. Stress Levels of Family Day Care Providers, Mothers Employed Outside the Home, and Mothers at Home, halaman 379-386
  14. Wife's Employment and Quality of Marriage, halaman 387-398
  15. Quality of Life in Dual-Career Families: Commuting Versus Single-Residence Couples, halaman 399-407
  16. Infertility and Subjective Well-Being: The Mediating Roles of Self-Esteem,Internal Control, and Interpersonal Conflict, halaman 408-417
  17. Diversity and Fluidity in Children's Living Arrangements: Family Transitions in an Urban Afro-American Community, halaman 418-426
  18. Sociodemographic Status, Parental Background, Childhood Family Structure, and Attitudes Toward Family Formation, halaman 427-439
  19. Marriage Opportunities and Family Formation: Further Implications of Imbalanced Sex Ratios, halaman 440-451
  20. Formal Intermediaries in the Marriage Market: A Typology and Review, halaman 452-463

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