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JurnalJournal of Marriage and the Family vol. 62 no. 1 (Feb. 2000)
Topik: J43; Remaja; Perkawinan; Keluarga; Perawatan Anak; Perilaku Seksual
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0022-2445    Year:: 2000    Bulan: 2    Edisi: february    
Penerbit: The National Council on Family Relations
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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    • Nomor Panggil: J43
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Theorizing in Family Studies: Discovering Process, halaman 18-31
  2. Just How Do I Love Thee?: Marital Relations in Urban China, halaman 32-47
  3. Sexual Infidelity Among Manied and Cohabiting Americans, halaman 48-60
  4. Self-Report and Observational Assessment of Couples' Conflict: The Concordance Between the Communication Patterns Questionnaire and the KPI Observation System, halaman 61-67
  5. Studying Postmodern Families: A Feminist Analysis of Ethical Tensions in Work and Family Research, halaman 68-77
  6. Changes in Housework After Retirement:A Panel Analysis, halaman 78-92
  7. Nonstandard Work Schedules and Marital Instability, halaman 93-110
  8. "Swapping" Families: Serial Parenting and Economic Support for Children, halaman 111-122
  9. Perceived Paternal and Maternal Acceptance and Rural African American and European American Youths' Psychological Adjustment, halaman 123-132
  10. Factors Related to Successful Outcomes Among Preschool Children Born to Low-Income Adolescent Mothers, halaman 133-146
  11. Teenage Pregnancy and Female Educational Underachievement: A Prospective Study of a New Zealand Birth Cohort, halaman 162-174
  12. Timing of Parental Separation and Attachment to Parents in Adolescence: Results of a Prospective Study from Birth to Age 16, halaman 162-174
  13. The Effects of Parenting on the Development of Adolescent Alcohol isue: A Six-Wave Latent Growth Model, halaman 175-186
  14. Rural Black Women and Depression: A Contextual Analysis, halaman 187-198
  15. The Economic Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse for Adult Lesbian Women, halaman 199-211
  16. The Critical Shapes of Body Image: The Role of Culture and Family in the Production of Eating Disorders, halaman 212-227
  17. Inheritance of Welfare Recipiency: An Intergenerational Study of Social Assistance Recipiency in Postwar Sweden, halaman 228-239
  18. "The Normal American Family" as an Interpretive Structure of Family Life Among Grown Children of Korean and Vietnamese Immigrants, halaman 240-255
  19. Structural Flaws in the Bridge From Basic Research on Marriage to Interventions for Couples, halaman 256-264

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