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JurnalJournal of Heat Transfer vol. 125 no. 1 (Feb. 2003)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0022-1481    Year:: 2003    Bulan: 2    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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  1. Some Analytical and Numerical Solutions to Inverse Problems Applied Optimizing Phase-Transformation Tracking in Gas Quenching, halaman 1-10
  2. Nusselt Number Behavior on Deep Dimpled Surfaces Within A Channel, halaman 11-18
  3. A Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotating Rectangular Channels (AR=4) With 45 Deg Rib Turbulators by Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model, halaman 19-26
  4. Large Eddy Simulation of Constant Heat Flux Turbulent Channel Flow With Property Variations : Quast-Developed Model and Mean Flow Results, halaman 27-38
  5. Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics of A Temparature and Concentration Combined Convection Due to A Vertical Ice Plate Melting, halaman 39-47
  6. Surface Temperature Measurement of Semi-Transparent Ceramics by Long-Wavelength Pyrometry, halaman 48-56
  7. Backward Monte Carlo Simulations in Radiative Heat Transfer, halaman 57-62
  8. Surface Energy Variation Effect on The Onset of Thermocapillary Instability of A Thin Liquid Heated From The Side, halaman 63-69
  9. Heat Transfer of Impacting Water Mist on High Temperature Metal Surfaces, halaman 70-74
  10. Effect of Pressure Subcooling and Dissolved Gas on Pool Boilling Heat Transfer From Microporous Surfaces in FC-72, halaman 75-83
  11. Experimental Study on Frost Structure on Surfaces With Different Hydrophilicity : Density and Thermal Conductivity, halaman 84-94
  12. Observations of Early-Stage Frost Formation on A Cold Plate in Atmospheric Air Flow, halaman 95-102
  13. Effects of Varying Geometrical Parameters on Boilling From Microfabricated Enhanced Structures, halaman 103-109
  14. Measurements of Heat Transfer to A Massive Cylindrical Calorimeter Enguifed in A Circular Pool Fire, halaman 110-117
  15. Analytical and Experimental Study of Combustion and Heat Transfer in Submerged Flame Metal Fiber Burners/Heaters, halaman 118-125
  16. Optimal Temperature and Current Cycles for Curing of Composites Using Embedded Resistive Heating Elements, halaman 126-136
  17. Transient Thermal Modeling of In-Situ Curing During Tape Winding of Composite Cylinders, halaman 137-146
  18. Mitigation of Particulate Fouling by Ozonation, halaman 147-150
  19. Investigation on Convective Heat Transfer and Flow Features of Nanofluids, halaman 151-155
  20. Scanning Thermal Wave Microscopy (STWM), halaman 156-163
  21. Active Thermal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems With Application to Testing of Packaged IC Devices, halaman 164-174
  22. Explicit Analytical Solutions of Linear and Nonlinear Interior Heat and Mass Transfer Equation Sets for Drying Process, halaman 175-178
  23. An Investigation of Simple Evaporation Models Used in Spray Simulations, halaman 179-181
  24. A Mathematical Confirmation for Higher LMTD Value of Counter Flow Versus Parallel Flow Heat Exchangers, halaman 182-183
  25. Commentary on Correlations for Convective Vaporization in Tubes, halaman 184-185
  26. Temperature Gradient in The Unfrozen Liquid Layer for Multiphase Energy Balance With Incoming Droplets, halaman 186-189
  27. Influence of Heat Transfer at The Interface on The Thermocapillary Convection in The Adjacent Phase, halaman 190-193
  28. Investigation of A Two-Equation Turbulent Heat Transfer Model Applied to Ducts, halaman 194-199
  29. Application of A Higher Order GGHD Heat Flux Model to Three-Dimensional Turbulent U-Bend Duct Heat Transfer, halaman 200-203

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