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JurnalJournal of Fluids Engineering vol. 124 no. 3 (2002)
Bahasa: (EN )    Year:: 2002    
Penerbit: ASME International
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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    • Nomor Panggil: JJ89.3
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Liquid Film Atomization on Wall Edges-Separation Criterion and Droplets Formation Model, halaman 565-575
  2. Numerical Simulation of Droplet Flows and Evaluation of Interfacial Area, halaman 576-583
  3. Finite Element Simulations of Free Surface Flows With Surface Tension in Complex Geometries, halaman 584-594
  4. Does The Minimum Fluidization Exist ?, halaman 595-600
  5. A Cavitation Erosion Model for Ductile Materials, halaman 601-606
  6. High Reynolds Number, Unsteady, Multiphase CFD Modeling of Cavitating Flows, halaman 607-616
  7. Mathematical Basis and Validation of The Full Cavitation Model, halaman 617-624
  8. Continuous Wavelet Transforms of Instantaneous Wall Pressure in Slug and Churn Upward Gas-Liquid Flow, halaman 625-633
  9. Film Thickness and Wave Velocity Measurements in A Vertical Duct, halaman 634-642
  10. Multi-Parameter Sensing With A Thermal Silicon Flow Sensor, halaman 643-649
  11. A Universal, Nonintrusive Method for Correcting The Reading of A Flow Meter in Pipe Flow Disturbed By Installation Effects, halaman 650-656
  12. Truncation Error Analysis in Turbulent Boundary Layers, halaman 657-663
  13. The Effects of Surface Roughness on The Mean Velocity Profile in A Turbulent Boundary Layer, halaman 664-670
  14. Analysis and Experiments on Three-Dimensional, Irregular Surface Roughness, halaman 671-677
  15. Inception of Turbulence in The Stokes Boundary Layer Over A Transpiring Wall, halaman 678-684
  16. Accurate Evaluation of The Loss Coefficient and The Entrance Length of The Inlet Region of A Channel, halaman 685-693
  17. Spreading of Nonuniform Jets in Wind, halaman 694-699
  18. Numerical Simulation of Viscoplastic Fluid Flows Through An Axisymmetric Contraction, halaman 700-705
  19. Analysis of Impinging and Countercurrent Stagnating Flows By Reynolds Stress Model, halaman 706-718
  20. Effect or Radial Clearance on The Flow Between Corotating Disks in Fixed Cylindrical Enclosures, halaman 719-727
  21. A Comparison of Second-Moment Closure Models in The Prediction of Vortex Shedding From A Square Cylinder Near a Wall, halaman 728-736
  22. A Study of Vortex Sheeding in A Staggered Tube Array for Steady and Pulsating Cross-Flow, halaman 737-746
  23. Development of Swirling Flow in A Rod Bundle Subchannel, halaman 747-755
  24. The Application of Advanced Methods in Analyzing The Performance of The Air Curtain in A Refrigerated Display Case, halaman 756-764
  25. A Method for Pressure Calculation in Ball Valves Containing Bubbles, halaman 765-771
  26. Predicting Globe Control Valve Performance-Part I : CFD Modeling, halaman 772-777
  27. Predicting Globe Control Valve Performances-Part II : Experimental Verification, halaman 778-783
  28. The Effect of The Operating Point on The Pressure Fluctuations at The Blade Passage Frequency in The Volute of A Centrifugal Pump, halaman 784-790
  29. PIV Measurement in The Impeller and The Vaneless Diffuser of A Radial Flow Pump in Design and Off-Design Operating Conditions, halaman 791-797
  30. CFD Calculation of A Mixed Flow Pump Characteristic From Shutoff to Maximum Flow, halaman 798-802
  31. Application of Fractional Calculus to Fluid Mechanics, halaman 803-805
  32. Constant Pressure Laminar, Transitional and Turbulent Flows-An Approximate Unifield Treatment, halaman 806-808

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