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JurnalJournal of Heat Transfer vol. 121 no. 4 (Nov. 1999)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0022-1481    Year:: 1999    Bulan: 11    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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  1. Free Drawing and Polymer Coating of Silica Glass Optical Fibers, halaman 774-788
  2. Heat Transfer Enhancement and Vortec FLow Structure Over A Heated Cylinder Oscillating in The Crossflow Direction, halaman 789-795
  3. Coupling Between Heat and Momentum Transfer Mechanisms for Drag-Reducing Polymer and Surfactant Solutions, halaman 796-802
  4. The Effect of Drainage Configuration on Heat Transfer Under An Impinging Liquid Jet Array, halaman 803-810
  5. Local Heat Transfer in A Rotating Square Channel With Jet Impingement, halaman 811-818
  6. Effect of Aperture Geometry on Heat Transfer in Tilted Partially Open Cavities, halaman 819-827
  7. Inverse Natural Convection Problem of Estimating Wall Heat Flux Using A Moving Sensor, halaman 828-836
  8. Mixture Fraction Statistics of Plane Self-Preserving Buoyant Turbulent Adiabatic Wall Plumes, halaman 837-843
  9. Far-Infrared Transmittance and Reflectanceof YBa2Cu3O7 Films on Si Substrates, halaman 844-851
  10. The Role of Bubble Waiting Time in Steady Nucleate Boiling, halaman 852-855
  11. Analysis of The Polarity Influence on Nucleate Pool Boiling Under A DC Electric Field, halaman 856-864
  12. Pool Boiling Critical Heat Flux in Reduced Gravity, halaman 865-873
  13. Forced Convection Condensation on A Horizontal Tube : Influence of Turbulence in the Vapor and Liquid Phases, halaman 874-885
  14. A Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of The Ignition and Extinction of Solid Char Particles, halaman 886-893
  15. The Leidenfrost Point : Experimental Study and Assessment of Existing Models, halaman 894-903
  16. Complete Condensation of Forced Convection Two-Phase Flow in A Miniature Tube, halaman 904-915
  17. Analysis of Coupled Nuclear/Thermal Instabilities of Two-Phase Flows in Parallel Boiling Channels, halaman 916-923
  18. Experimental Study of Dispersed Droplets in High-Pressure Annular Flows, halaman 924-933
  19. On The Prediction of Local Ice Information in Pipes in The Presence of Natural Convection, halaman 934-944
  20. Phonon Wafe Heat Conduction in Thin Films and Superlattices, halaman 945-953
  21. Optical Measurement of Thermal Contact Conductance Between Wafer-Like Thin Solid Samples, halaman 954-963
  22. Instability of Ultra-Thin Water Films and The Mechanism of Droplet Formation on Hydrophilic Surfaces, halaman 964-971
  23. Heat Transfer Enhancement by Fins in The Microscale Regime, halaman 972-977
  24. A New Method for Evaluation of Heat Transfer Between Solid Material and Fluid in A Porous Medium, halaman 978-983
  25. Energy Dissipation in Sheared Granular Flows, halaman 984-991
  26. Three-Dimensional Study of Combined Conduction, Radiation, and Natural Convection From Discrete Heat Sources in A Horizontal Narrow-Aspect-Ratio Enclosure, halaman 992-1001
  27. Heat Transfer in Discretely Heated Side-Vented Compact Enclosures by Combined Conduction, Natural Convection, and Radiation, halaman 1002-1010
  28. Enhanced Heat Transfer Characteristics of Viscous Liquid Flows in A Chevron Plate Heat Exchanger, halaman 1011-1017
  29. Performance of Dehumidifying Heat Exchanger with and without Wetting Coatings, halaman 1018-1026
  30. Turbulent Convection in A Czochralski Silicon Melt, halaman 1027-1041
  31. Measurement of The Transient Glass Surface Deformation During Laser Heating, halaman 1042-1048
  32. Modeling of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in A Hydrothermal Crystal Growth System : Use of Fluid-Superposed Porous Layer Theory, halaman 1049-1058
  33. Transient Heat Transfer for Layered Ceramic Insulation and Stainless Foil Fire Barriers, halaman 1059-1066
  34. Hysteresis of Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Temperature Measurement Based on Hue, halaman 1067-1071
  35. The Time Delay for A Perceptible Thermal Disturbance in A Slab, halaman 1072-1075
  36. A Residual-Based Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for Control of Convergence in A Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation, halaman 1076-1077
  37. Analytical Solution of The Graetz Problem With Axial Conduction, halaman 1078-1082
  38. Nusselt Numbers in Rectangular Ducts With Laminar Viscous Dissipation, halaman 1083-1087
  39. Experimental Investigation of Marangoni Convection in Aqueous LiBr Solution With Additives, halaman 1088-1090
  40. Transient Free Convection Flow Past An Infinite Vertical Plate With Periodic Temperature Variation, halaman 1091-1093
  41. Onset of Convection in A Fluid Saturated Porous Layer Overlying A Solid Layer Which is Heated by Constant Flux, halaman 1094-1097

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