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JurnalJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering vol. 124 no. 3 (Aug. 2002)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1087-1357    Year:: 2002    Bulan: 8    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Characterization of Sheet Buckling Subjected to Controlled Boundary Constraints, halaman 493-501
  2. Control of Transient Thermal Response During Sequential Open-Die Forging : A Trajectory Optimization Approach, halaman 502-508
  3. Prediction and Compensation of Dynamic Errors for Coordinate Measuring Machines, halaman 509-514
  4. A Reflective Fiber Optic Sensor for Surface Roughness In-Process Measurement, halaman 515-522
  5. An Embedded Friction Sensor Based on A Strain-Gauged Diaphragm, halaman 523-527
  6. The Mechanisms of Chip Formation in Machining Hardened Steels, halaman 528-535
  7. Application of An Internally Consistent Material Model to Determine The Effect of Tool Edge Geometry in Orthogonal Machining, halaman 536-543
  8. Modeling Cutting Temperatures for Turning Inserts With Various Tool Geometries and Materials, halaman 544-552
  9. Machining Simulation for Ceramics Based on Continuum Damage Mechanics, halaman 553-561
  10. Dynamic Behavior of A Thin-Walled Cylindrical Workpiece During The Turning Process, Part I : Cutting Process Simulation, halaman 562-568
  11. Dynamic Behavior of A Thin-Walled Cylindrical Workpiece During The Turning Process, Part 2 : Experimental Approach and Validation, halaman 569-580
  12. A Stability Solution for The Axial Contour-Turning Process, halaman 581-587
  13. The Effect of Workpiece Hardness and Cutting Speed on The Machinability of AISI H13 Hot Work Die Steel When Using PCBN Tooling, halaman 588-594
  14. Laser Repetitive Pulse Heating of Steel Surface : A Material Response to Thermal Loading, halaman 595-604
  15. Modeling Chip-Evacuation Forces and Prediction of Chip-Clogging in Drilling, halaman 605-614
  16. Process Parameters and Residual Stresses in Cylindrical Grinding, halaman 615-623
  17. Generic Simulation Approach for Multi-Axis Machining, Part 1 : Modeling Methodology, halaman 624-633
  18. Generic Simulation Approach for Multi-Axis Machining, Part 2 : Model Calibration and Feed Rate Scheduling, halaman 634-642
  19. Prediction of Thread Quality by Detection and Estimation of Tapping Faults, halaman 643-650
  20. Hidden Markov Model-Based Tool Wear Monitoring in Turning, halaman 651-658
  21. Phase Transformation and Its Effect on Flank Wear in Machining Steels, halaman 659-668
  22. Kinematic Characterization of Chip Lateral-Curl - The Third Pattern of Chip Curl in Machining, halaman 667-675
  23. Optimal Placement of Fixture Clamps : Maintaining Form Closure and Independent Regions of Form Closure, halaman 676-685
  24. Optimal Placement of Fixture Clamps : Minimizing The Maximum Clamping Forces, halaman 686-694
  25. Sensing and Control of Double-Sided Arc Welding Process, halaman 695-701
  26. Development of The Cylindrical Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Process, Part 1 : Concept, Design, and Material Removal Rate, halaman 702-707
  27. Development of The Cylindrical Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Process, Part 2 : Surface Integrity and Roundness, halaman 708-714
  28. Control of Thin Film Growth in Chemical Vapor Deposition Manufacturing Systems : A Feasibility Study, halaman 715-724
  29. Kinetostatic Analysis and Design Optimization of The Tricept Machine Tool Family, halaman 725-733
  30. Modeling The HSK Toolholder-Spindle Interface, halaman 734-744
  31. A Methodology for Predicting The Variance of Fatigue Life Incorporating The Effects of Manufacturing Processes, halaman 745-753
  32. Development of A Computer-Aided Manufacturing System for Profiled Edge Lamination Tooling, halaman 754-761
  33. Optimization of Design Tolerances Through Response Surface Approximations, halaman 762-767

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