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JurnalJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering vol. 124 no. 1 (Feb. 2002)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1087-1357    Year:: 2002    Bulan: 2    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Mechanical Properties of Hardened AISI 52100 Steel in Hard Machining Processes, halaman 1-9
  2. Floquet Theory Based Approach for Stability Analysis of The Variable Speed Face-Milling Process, halaman 10-17
  3. Mechanistic Model for Tapping Process With Emphasis on Process Faults and Hole Geometry, halaman 18-25
  4. Monitoring Cutting Forces in Turning : A Model-Based Approach, halaman 26-31
  5. Finite Element Modeling of Edge Trimming Fiber Reinforced Plastics, halaman 32-41
  6. Gear Hobbing Cutting Process Simulation and Tool Wear Prediction Models, halaman 42-51
  7. An On-Line Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Feed Rolls in The Plate Mill, halaman 52-57
  8. Feasibility of Plasma Spraying in Developing MMC Coatings: Modeling the Heating of Coated Powder Particles, halaman 58-64
  9. Criterion for Prevention of Central Bursting in Forward Extrusions Through Spherical Dies Using The Finite Element Method, halaman 65-70
  10. Analysis of Cold Extrusion of Non Re-Entry Product Shapes, halaman 71-78
  11. Suppressing Cracking in Resistance Welding AA5754 by Mechanical Means, halaman 79-85
  12. Development of A Dilatometer for Measurement of The PVT Properties of A Polymer / CO2 Solution Using A Foaming Extruder and A Gear Pump, halaman 86-91
  13. Extrusion Through Spherical Dies - An Upper Bound Analysis, halaman 92-97
  14. Fixturing Analysis For Stability Consideration in An Automated Fixture Design System, halaman 98-104
  15. A Cable Extension Transducer Based Two-Dimensional Position Sensor for Industrial Applications, halaman 105-108
  16. A Dexterous Part-Holding Model for Handling Compliant Sheet Metal Parts, halaman 109-118
  17. Iterative Fixture Layout and Clamping Force Optimization using the Genetic Algorithm, halaman 119-125
  18. Digital Projector Calibration for 3-D Active Vision Systems, halaman 126-134
  19. Distortion in Thermal Field Around Inserted Thermocouples in Experimental Interfacial Studies, Part 4 : End Effect, halaman 135-145
  20. Role of Cryogenic Cooling on Cutting Temperature in Turning Steel, halaman 146-154

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