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JurnalIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks vol. 12 no. 5 (2001)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1045-9227    Year:: 2001    
Penerbit: IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Theoretical Properties of Recursive Neural Networks With Linear Neurons, halaman 953-967
  2. Geometric Neural Computing, halaman 968-986
  3. Shared Kernel Models for Class Conditional Density Estimation, halaman 987-997
  4. Aitken-Based Acceleration Methods for Assessing Convergence of Multilayer Neural Networks, halaman 998-1012
  5. Nonlinear System Modeling Via Knot-Optimizing B-Spline Networks, halaman 1013-1022
  6. Classification of Noisy Signals Using Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Networks, halaman 1023-1036
  7. Using Localizing Learning to Improve Supervised Learning Algortihms, halaman 1037-1046
  8. Weighted Least Squares Training of Support Vector Classifiers Leading to Compact and Adaptive Schemes, halaman 1047-1059
  9. Multiwavelet Neural Network and Its Approximation Properties, halaman 1060-1066
  10. A Neural Network for Shortest Path Computation, halaman 1067-1073
  11. A New Gradient-Based Neural Network for Solving Linear and Quadratic Programming Problems, halaman 1074-1083
  12. Perceiving Geometric Patterns : From Spirals to Inside-Outside Relations, halaman 1084-1102
  13. Adaptive Observer Backstepping Control Using Neural Networks, halaman 1103-1112
  14. Control of A Class of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems Using Multilayer Neural Networks, halaman 1113-1120
  15. Neural-Network Control of Mobile Manipulators, halaman 1121-1133
  16. Weighted Centroid Neural Network for Edge Preserving Image Compression, halaman 1134-1146
  17. Vector Quantization of Images Using Modified Adaptive Resonance Algorithm for Hierarchical Clustering, halaman 1147-1162
  18. Prediction of Noisy Chaotic Time Series Using An Optimal Radial Basis Function Neural Network, halaman 1163-1172
  19. Classification of Freeway Traffic Patterns for Incident Detection Using Constructive Probabilistic Neural Networks, halaman 1173-1187
  20. Adaptive Pattern Recognition in The Analysis of Cardiotocographic Recods, halaman 1188-1195
  21. Temporal Updating Scheme for Probabilistic Neural Network With Application to Satelite Cloud Classification - Further Results, halaman 1196-1203
  22. Neural Computation Approach for Developing A 3-D Shape Reconstruction Model, halaman 1204-1214
  23. A Cross-Associative Neural Network for SVD of Nonsquared Data Marix in Signal Processing, halaman 1215-1221
  24. Improving Leung's Bidirectional Learning Rule for Associative Memories, halaman 1222-1226
  25. An Improved Voronoi-Diagram-Based Neural Net for Pattern Classification, halaman 1227-1234
  26. Efficient Training of RBF Neural Networks for Patterm Recognition, halaman 1235-1242
  27. Cooperative Updating in The Hopfield Model, halaman 1243-1251

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