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JurnalIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks vol. 11 no. 3 (2000)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1045-9227    Year:: 2000    
Penerbit: IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Introduction to The Special Issue on Neural Networks for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, halaman 545-549
  2. Taking on The Curse of Dimensionality in Joint Distributions Using Neural Networks, halaman 550-557
  3. General Statistical Inference for Discrete and Mixed Spaces by An Approximate Application of the Meximum Entropy Principle, halaman 558-573
  4. Organization of A Massive Document Collection, halaman 574-585
  5. Clustering of The Self-Organizing Map, halaman 586-600
  6. Dynamic Self-Organizing Maps With Controlled Growth for Knowledge Discovery, halaman 601-614
  7. Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Hierarchical Neural Projections for Data Mining, halaman 615-624
  8. Probabilistic Principal Component Subspaces : A Hierarchical Finite Mixture Model for Data Visualization, halaman 625-636
  9. A Hybrid Approach of Neural Network and Memory-Based Learning to Data Mining, halaman 637-646
  10. The Application of Certainty Factors to Neural Computing for Rule Discovery, halaman 647-657
  11. Granular Neural Networks for Numerical-Linguistic Data Fusion and Knowledge Discovery, halaman 658-667
  12. Data Strip Mining for The Virtual Design of Pharmaceuticals With Neural Networks, halaman 668-679
  13. Tropical Cyclone Identification and Tracking System Using Integrated Neural Oscillatory Elastic Graph Matching and Hybrid RBF Network Track Mining Techniques, halaman 680-689
  14. Predicting Subscriber Dissatisfaction and Improving Retention in The Wireless Telecommunications Industry, halaman 690-696
  15. New Results on Recurrent Network Training : Unifying The Algorithms and Accelerating Convergences, halaman 697-709
  16. SEPARATE : A Machine Learning Method Based on Semi-Global Partitions, halaman 710-720
  17. Fast Self-Organizing Feature Map Algorithm, halaman 721-733
  18. Pattern Recognition Via Synchronization in Phase-Locked Loop Neural Networks, halaman 734-738
  19. Logic Operations Based on Single Neuron Rational Model, halaman 739-747
  20. Neuro-Fuzzy Rule Generation : Survey in Soft Computing Framework, halaman 748-768
  21. General Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network for Clustering and Classification, halaman 769-783
  22. Underwater Target Classification Using Wavelet Packets and Neural Neteorks, halaman 784-794
  23. Cascade-Correlation Learning for Classification, halaman 795-798
  24. Classification Ability of Single Hidden Layer Feedforward Neural Networks, halaman 799-801
  25. On The Convergence of Validity Interval Analysis, halaman 802-807
  26. Fuzzy Auto-Associative Neural Networks for Principal Component Extraction of Noisy Data, halaman 808-810
  27. A Constructive Algorithm to Solve "Convex Recursive Deletion" (CoRD) Classification Problems Via Two-Layer Perceptron Networks, halaman 811-816
  28. Extension of Dynamic Link Matching By Introducing Local Linear Maps, halaman 817-822

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